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Correct Answers by MDTartist83 Correct Answers :iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 0 5 Golgo Smiling by MDTartist83 Golgo Smiling :iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 5 27
Mature content
Road Rovers: EP02 The First Mission (Part 1) :iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 8 27
Tyler Armstrong Facts
1. Tyler Armstrong is a young werewolf of the Tsume Clan, who are age old rivals to the Kiba Clan. He was invented back in 2005, roughly 2 years after the creation of Casey Nelson. In the Casey series, Tyler is Casey’s rival. And he was intended specifically for this purpose. When I first created Tyler, I originally intended him to be pure evil. But as time went on, I felt that he should have a good side to him as well. And this was suggested to me by :icondcaldwell101:. So I made him neutral instead. Like the dhampir Derek Tepes, Tyler has a good side and an evil side.
2. I had several inspirations for Tyler. His personality was obviously inspired by school bullies and street thugs for their cocky and arrogant attitude. Some of my inspirations include Mick from Teen Wolf (who was Scott Howard’s rival despite not being a werewolf), Todd Ianuzzi from Beavis and Butthead (yes, for as much as I hate this asshole, he has been an inspiration too), and Dab, who was Todd Howard
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 9 17
Casey Nelson Facts
1. Casey Nelson is a young American werewolf of the far future who was born in the city of San Francisco to Alex and Melissa Nelson. Alex is a descendent of the Kiba Clan, while his wife Melissa, is a descendent of the Tsume Clan. Casey Nelson was invented back in the early to mid 2000s. Specifically, somewhere in between 2003 and 2004 when I graduated from high-school. And prior to that in 1999, I used to draw sketches of a brownish werewolf who wore similar attire and had a similar hairdo. But I didn’t have a name for this character, and I had no origin or backstory for him. But this nameless brown werewolf served as the basis from where Casey originated.
2. I had many inspirations for Casey. These range from Scott Howard (the main character from the 1985 Teen Wolf who was played by Michael J. Fox), Cornell from “Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness”, Lypuston from “Castlevania: Dracula X”, and Jon Talbain from “Dark Stalkers”. However, the werewo
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 10 24
F-14 Tomcat by MDTartist83 F-14 Tomcat :iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 24 32 Matt Tablet Sketch by MDTartist83 Matt Tablet Sketch :iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 19 29
Tozoku Facts
1. Tozoku is a raccoon from Japan. His name in Japanese means “Bandit” (盜賊). He is physically the shortest member of the MAS, standing around 5’6. But despite his short size, he’s quite formidable, cunning, and versatile. Tozoku has dark gray fur, anime style hair tufts, a bushy tail with black and white stripes, green eyes, a black mask over his face, and wears dark blue armor with hints of silver and red. He wears a yellowish utility belt around his waist (admittedly this was inspired by Batman), which can hold a number of items. And he wears a red scarf around his neck, which was inspired by Strider Hiryu from the Capcom franchise of the same name. The blue was likely inspired by Sly Cooper, who is also a raccoon. Tozoku is a ninja expert who is excellent in armed and unarmed combat.
2. I’ve had several inspirations for Tozoku. In 1995, during the premiere of Timon and Pumbaa, there was an episode of the show titled “Yosemite Remedy&
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 10 27
Joe Facts
1. Joe is a kangaroo from Australia. He has tannish brown fur with dark brown hair, medium sized ears, green eyes, and wears maroon armor with hints of brass, yellow, and blue. Unlike most members of the MAS, Joe’s chest armor has a distinctly unique design, consisting of a yellow jacket-like collar with a blue shirt underneath. The shirt is actually the first layer of armor, while the maroon part is the second layer. Admittedly this design was inspired by Tetsuya Tsurugi’s outfit from Great Mazinger. Joe stands 6’3, and is moderately built.
2. Joe speaks with an Australian accent. I imagine his voice being Scott McNeil, who in the past was the English voice for Jeice in the Funimation dub for Dragon Ball Z. However, :iconfail-seeker: imagines Joe’s voice being like Jake (the kangaroo mouse voiced by Tristan Rogers) from “The Rescuers 2” (1990). I guess either one could work. But I’ll let you decide. He is also fluent in other languages. These
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 10 21
Road Rovers Cast of Characters
Primary Characters:
Professor William F. Shepherd (the Master)
Professor Hubert
Generation 1 Team:
Team B:
Primary Villains:
General Parvo
Dr. Psycho
Secondary Villains:
Captain Zachary Storm
Donovan Bell
Gustav Havoc
Primary Ninja Dogs:
Ninja Ken:
Dr. Shin
Prowl the Alligator
Sheng-Long the Tiger
Vladimir the Polar Bear
Raptor the Eagle
Jasper the Rabbit
Joe the Kangaroo
Tozoku the Raccoon
Mauler the Wolf
Enya the Wolf
Purlinn the Gorilla
Sokudo the Cheetah
Lockjaw the Shark
Kaibutsu the Killer Whale
Tian-Long the White Tiger
Kage the Vampire Bat
Time Warriors:
Seuri The Hyena
Diablo The Coyote
Zeus The Boxer*
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 12 73
Daemon Facts
1. Daemon is a tall anthropomorphic hellhound. In other words, he is a demon dog. And at first, he was just a random character who I sketched out of boredom. But after drawing him for the first time on paper, I realized that I needed to explore different branches of mythology. And from this, I was tempted to draw him more.
2. Daemon was invented back in 2005. He was supposed to appear as a secondary villain in the long overdue nonexistent sequel to Halloween of Darkness as a minion of Scarface.  He is essentially Scarface’s dog and his closest companion.
3. I first learned about Hellhounds years ago, studied the myths and legends about them that they are the hounds of hell, and guardians of the underworld. There are many variations of the hellhound. Most of them are non-anthro, and are usually quite vicious to mortals, but loyal to their masters according to what legends say. However, as I was designing Daemon, I decided to deviate from the usual portrayals of hellhounds in
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 4 21
Scarface Facts
1. Scarface was a character who first debuted in 1998 with the creation of the horror crossover comic “Halloween of Darkness”. He was a secondary antagonist who appeared at the very end of the comic as a new threat and the successor to the Collector from Demon Knight. And he was to be Matt’s rival for the long overdue non-existent sequel, “Halloween of Darkness 2”, which I was never able to work on due to the hardships of school life.
2. Scarface is a powerful demon in the guise of a human being. His general appearance is that of a full grown man in his 30s or 40s with peach skin, black hair, thick Golgo 13 inspired eye brows, red eyes, and sporting several facial scars on his face, hence his name. He stands 6’2, and is moderately built. Scarface often wears a black hat and a matching trenchcoat with a red scarf and a red band circling around the base of his hat. He also has a secondary outfit, which is indigo in color, complete with black boots, gau
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 4 24
Derek Tepes Facts
1. Derek Tepes is a character I invented back in 2005. He is a dhampir (half human, half vampire), and he is the son of Dracula (AKA Vlad Tepes) and Mina Harker. Note, while Dracula has appeared in countless media throughout the ages, Mina Harker is a character from Bram Stoker’s novel, and has appeared in several film adaptations of the said book. However, she has appeared as a main character in “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”.
2. In Bram Stoker’s novel, Mina does not have a son from Dracula. But rather from Jonathan Harker. And his name is Quincey Harker. Note, Quincey would later appear as an aging old man in the Marvel Comics series “Tomb of Dracula”, which first started in 1972, and was later adapted into an animated film in 1980 called “Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned”. And in that same story, Dracula has a son named Janus, who was not a dhampir, but was an angel enchanted with holy powers. But in my own retelling of the story
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 5 20
Kaiser Facts
1. Kaiser is a cybernetic Doberman. And he is the second model in the line of killer robots created by Dr. Psycho known as the "Blitzinators", which are basically a homage to the Terminators. And as such, Kaiser is basically a "furry terminator". His model name is "Blitzinator No. 02: Kaiser". His predecessor and prototype was Blitzinator No. 01: Destroyer, a robot that looked exactly like Blitz.
2. Kaiser's name is German meaning "Emperor". However, there's more to it; Kaiser is actually the German equivalent of "Caesar". But nowadays both variations of the same name are both a given name and a rank. I haven't decided on Kaiser's nationality. But I tend to lean towards German. Kaiser is a robot that has no history of being an organic life form; he is a machine built from scratch. However, his outer skin is somewhat organic. So one could say that he's a mix between flesh and machine. In other words, a cyborg. There are other models like him. But despite being built by Dr. Psycho and Ma
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 10 38
Sheng-Long Facts
1. Sheng-Long is a tall anthropomorphic tiger from China. He stands 7’3, has yellow eyes, and wears black armor with hints of gold and silver, and blue arm gauntlets and shin-guards.
2. Sheng-Long’s name in Chinese (神龍) means “Devine Dragon” or “Spirit Dragon”. In Japanese, his name is pronounced as “Shin Ryu”. But most people call him “Sheng” for short.
3. Sheng was born in a circus in Beijing (the capital of China), and was trained to perform all kinds of stunts for the entertainment of the audience. However, he grew bored of this life, and longed for a more fun and exciting life. But throughout most of his youth, Sheng was deprived of that until the day came when he was to be transported to the US. But during transport, lightning struck his plane, and he crash landed somewhere in the wilderness. Sheng was the only survivor, and continued his journey in his search of food. Throughout his journey, Sheng has kill
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 11 9
Vladimir Facts
1.    Vladimir is a tall anthropomorphic polar bear from Russia. He was named after the city in Russia, which is just east of Moscow (Russia’s capital city). He stands around 7’8, is very muscular (especially for a bear), has yellow eyes, and wears blue armor with hints of black and silver. But most people call him Vlad for short.
2.    The idea for Vlad came to me when I remembered several other big bruiser characters from other series. And I have drawn inspiration from several different sources. These include Zangief from Street Fighter, the Ratcicle from Crash of the Titans, Tora from the NES version of the TMNT arcade, Juggernaut from X-Men, and the polar bears from Nintendo’s Ice Climbers. But unlike Prowl and Sheng, Vlad did not originate from a dream I had. So his design was kind of hard to figure out at first. But I wanted to make him unique from most fictional bears who usually have pot bellies. So I drew inspiration from Tedium from Wild
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 11 20


Road rovers page 2 from episode 1 by Elimmc Road rovers page 2 from episode 1 :iconelimmc:Elimmc 2 1 Road rovers page 1 from episode 1 by Elimmc Road rovers page 1 from episode 1 :iconelimmc:Elimmc 2 1 Road rovers episode 1 by Elimmc Road rovers episode 1 :iconelimmc:Elimmc 2 2 So, You've Hit the Road... by UncleScooter So, You've Hit the Road... :iconunclescooter:UncleScooter 11 3 The Chariot by DeniseSJones The Chariot :icondenisesjones:DeniseSJones 156 22 DIAMANDA HAGAN 150th REVIEW TRIBUTE by Cambion-Hunter DIAMANDA HAGAN 150th REVIEW TRIBUTE :iconcambion-hunter:Cambion-Hunter 3 5
Kinnikuman 2x9 Rock n' Roll
お肉のお手入れ サインの練習
空手チョプで はしを割ったら
牛丼片手に Dancin' Rock'n Roll
(ツヨイ) あたりまえ (ステキ) そりゃそうさ
(カワイ) てれるなァ (ミートくん) ガックン
:iconrobertgdraws:RobertGDraws 2 3
Steeljaw picture by Scourgethedestron Steeljaw picture :iconscourgethedestron:Scourgethedestron 5 3 Steeljaw by NiKirigamy Steeljaw :iconnikirigamy:NiKirigamy 18 1 Steeljaw's reaction of Megatron's return by ninjakingofhearts Steeljaw's reaction of Megatron's return :iconninjakingofhearts:ninjakingofhearts 5 10 Road Rovers by Jalen73771735 Road Rovers :iconjalen73771735:Jalen73771735 3 11 Golgo 13 x Jewelpet (Japanese teaser poster) by santirevecolepe Golgo 13 x Jewelpet (Japanese teaser poster) :iconsantirevecolepe:santirevecolepe 1 1 Duke Togo AKA Golgo 13 in Dead or Alive 5 by AVGNJr1985 Duke Togo AKA Golgo 13 in Dead or Alive 5 :iconavgnjr1985:AVGNJr1985 3 1 After workout hangout by Cielodemar After workout hangout :iconcielodemar:Cielodemar 10 4 Com: OverCat vs Bergamo Round 4 by Anon VOTE by SilverZeo Com: OverCat vs Bergamo Round 4 by Anon VOTE :iconsilverzeo:SilverZeo 16 3 Galactic Frieza Army soldier Gunther by RobertGDraws Galactic Frieza Army soldier Gunther :iconrobertgdraws:RobertGDraws 11 2

Which other characters named Joe would you like to see Joe the Kangaroo cosplay as? 

10 deviants said Joe (Street Fighter)
8 deviants said Joe Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
7 deviants said Joe Shimamura (Cyborg 009)
4 deviants said Joe Yabuki (Ashita no Joe)
3 deviants said Viewtiful Joe
2 deviants said Ryo Saeba/Joe Saeba (City Hunter)
2 deviants said Joe Higashi (Fatal Fury and King of Fighters)


Today I have finally worked out the issue I had with Photoshop. Earlier today I discussed it with my art instructor, and he said that the best way I can get a hold of it nowadays is not through a physical copy, but as a downloadable item off the internet. Because digital is the way to go these days I suppose. But there is a catch. As I paid for this application, I had to sign in with my current e-mail and a new password (which I instantly wrote down so I don't forget it later), so that way I can have access to any of Adobe's software. But since Photoshop is all I need for the moment, I'm just going to go with that for now. But even so, I may consider experimenting with the other programs later. But just not now. But the good news is I once again have access to Photoshop. And this is one of the newest versions of it, titled Photoshop CS. So now I'm back in business, ladies and gentlemen. After a month long delay, I finally have the means to make wonderful works of art that I hope will shock, amaze, and blow you away. After all, that's what I'm here for; to entertain my friends and watchers. And all that's left to do now is to install the drawing tablet, and I'll be all set. Of course, I still have no scanner. And its probably going to be a while until I can get a new one to replace the old one. So for now, all I can do is take pictures with my camera. But still, praise the lord for I have finally resolved this issue. At least now I am satisfied for the time being. 
  • Listening to: Just Believe by Yuki Kuroda
Correct Answers
This is just a post for those of you who got the answers wrong on the two polls I posted. Mind you, I don't mean this out of spite or in a condescending manner. I'm merely correcting those who just made a wild guess but got the answers incorrect. Because in the polls I posted, I got a variety of answers. So, in a similar manner to how I answered you all in which two anime shows introduced me to anime in the 80s (in my case it was Voltron and Robotech), I decided to give the answers here. 

Both Voltrons belong to Toei Animation and World Events Productions. 
Golgo Smiling
Well, here's something I never thought I'd see myself doing. But hey, you know the old saying; first time for everything. Right? Well, today in school I decided to do some experimentation with the tablet. And this is the first thing that came to my mind; Duke Togo AKA Golgo 13 with a smile on his face. Now, as I pointed out elsewhere, Golgo HAS smiled on occasion. But only in the manga. However, he NEVER smiles in any of the movies or in the TV series at all. But when I saw him actually smile in the manga, I was shocked beyond words considering that he's usually cold-hearted and stoic. However, in the early 2000s when I saw The Professional for the first time, I used to make jokes about Golgo having a permanent smile on his face 100% of the time, while retaining his cold and stoic nature. But now that I think of it, its kind of creepy. So here it is; Golgo 13 with a smile. 

Duke Togo/Golgo 13 belongs to Takao Saito.
Art by MDTartist83.

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Episode 2: The First Mission
Written By: MDTartist83, Dcaldwell101, and TallGlassofTallGlass
Based on: Characters created by Tom Ruegger
Written: April/23/2018
Disclaimer: Road Rovers and all its characters are the property of Warner Bros. Any fan characters depicted in this story belong to MDTartist83 and to TallGlassofTallGlass.

Prologue: On the last episode, we followed the story of William Shepherd and his closest friend and assistant, Jeffrey Preston; two professional scientists and geneticists who were hired by the US military to create the perfect soldiers; a new species that is part man, part canine, dubbed the “cano-sapien”. However, the machine which Shepherd and Jeffrey were working on wasn’t complete; it required a power source in order to fuel it. And it could only be found in the mines of Penske, Utah. And so they journey their way to the said mines, wandering the dark corridors of the area for hours; until finally they found what they were looking for. With the power source now found, they complete their first prototype Transdogmafier, and test it on their first test subject, a black Labrador named Fido. Unfortunately, due to defects in the Transdogmafier, the procedure ends up killing Fido, reducing him to a gory pile of melted flesh. This angers Jeffrey, who had high hopes for the experiment to work. While Shepherd, depressed by his failure, weeps and mourns the loss of Fido. Shortly after the funeral, Shepherd visits the grave. It is there that Fido’s spirit somehow appears to Shepherd to offer advice, and to encourage him to continue with his experiments. Shepherd takes Fido’s words to heart, and does just that; he spends the next two years fixing any glitches and bugs that might have caused the machine to malfunction in the first place. As the problems were solved, Shepherd was then satisfied. Just then, Jeffrey, who had healed from his dramatic state, returned to Shepherd to reconcile with him, and once again help him with his experiments. Finally now, with the Transdogmafier fully operational, they test it on five new experiments, all of which were successes.

From Germany, Krieger the Doberman; the leader of the team and the military combat expert. Strong, brave, courageous, loyal, and dedicated to the team and all that is good in the world. From the United States of America, Steele the mutt; the second-in-command who is also an exceptional fighter as well as a weapons specialist. A cracked marksman with the eyes of an eagle, and nerves of steel. From the Soviet Union, Mikhail the Siberian Husky; a hardened soldier who is cold and grumpy on the outside, but has a heart of gold deep down. He serves as the muscle of the group as well as the team’s medic. From Great Britain, Daniel the Rough Collie, a multi-lingual operative and a special A-class pilot. From Japan, Shogun the Akita, a master martial artist and swordsman. From North America, Butch, perhaps the most powerful and the most destructive member of the team, but is also the most aloof and anti-social of the group. The five of them have been gathered from their respective countries to fight crime and the forces of evil in all its forms. And now that they have been established by the American military as an elite group of international crime fighters, they embark on their first mission to fight evil, to instill truth and justice, and to protect world peace.

March 26th, 1985,

Sterling, Virginia; 12:34 AM

[We go to a somewhat rusty garage located in a wooded arena. Insects fly around the orange light above the garage entrance and the crickets and frogs can be heard in the surrounding wooded area. The trees blow quietly from time to time. However, the sound of rocks crunching can be heard in the distance. Eventually, a dark green 1985 Mustang drives up, with its license plate reading "St-0rm" encased in a dealership plate holder from Ted Britt Ford of Annandale VA. It comes to a stop after it exits the clearing outside the garage]

Man: We finally made it. You don't think we were followed, do you?

Driver: I would have shot anyone who I thought followed us. Now get the hell out of my car and do your thing.

Man: Fine. It’s better than sitting in this wretched piece of scrap Mustang of yours.

The man gets out of the backseat and slams the door shut.

Man: Here; keep the change.

The man tosses a stack of dollars to the driver who pockets it, and gets out as well.

Driver: Never do that again.

Man: Whatever. Now, down to business…

The two of them wander through the seemingly abandoned junkyard, which is packed with a bunch of old rusty beat up cars.

Driver: Phew! It smells like dog shit in here!

Man: Ah, but underneath this pile of “dog shit” is a well of fortune, my friend.

Driver: How so? What can possibly be found in this shit-hole?

The Driver kicks a broken tail-light into the windshield of a Toyota Corolla Coupe. It cracks the windshield further.

Man: (chuckles) Glad you asked. You see, this just so happens to be a secret hideout of mine where some of my fellow operatives happen to work.

Driver: Well holy freaking shit, man. With a job like this, it's no wonder they didn't puke out their guts.

Man: My, my, such language. Well anyway, we're just about there.

Driver: Where's "there" and what is it?

Man: Just follow me. Try not to bream anything else?

Driver: Humph…

As they delve further and further down the junkyard, they see strange shadowy figure. He draws a gun on them.

Shadow: Hold it! Who goes there?!

Man: Relax. It's just an old friend who wishes to do business; nothing more and nothing less.

Shadow: Say, you look familiar. Haven't we met?

Man: Why don't you recognize me? It is I, Zachery Storm; at your service.

The shadow comes out of the shadows and into the light, revealing himself to be a man in a business suit and top hat.

Suited Man: Of course. You were the one who arranged this meeting, no?

Storm: That's right.

Suited Man: My name is Rio. I come from Brazil. I have what you need right at the base.

Storm: Then take us there.

Rio: As you wish; but first, I ask you to hand over your weapons.

Storm: But of course. (Turns to driver) Do as he says.

Driver: (Grunts) Fine.

Storm and the driver hand over their weapons to Rio.

Rio: Okay. Now follow me.

The two men follow Rio.

Driver: Where are we going?

Rio: We ask the questions around here, señior. Not you.

Before long, they reach the entrance to the hideout, which is protected by two guards.

Guard #1: State your name and business, please.

Rio: Relax, Juan. These two hombres are with me. They say they want to make a deal with the boss.

Guard #2: Alright. Proceed…

The first Guard takes out a key from his coat, opens the door, and the three men proceed inside the facility.

Driver: (Amazed) Damn! Look at this place! It's got everything!

Rio: (Nods) Si, we have all the weapons and drugs one could ask for; and we plan to distribute it worldwide. Best of all though, we have buyers and sellers all around the world for our stuff. This is a big operation after all.

Storm and the Driver look around to see boxes full of weapons and drugs.

Storm: This place seems fit for a king.

Rio: Si. Go to any place in the world, and you will find someone selling our stuff; and costumers will pay up the ass to get it. I guarantee it.

Storm: We need C4.

Rio: Eh? What for?

Storm: Let's just say I have some fireworks to set up for a very special occasion.

Rio: And just what special occasion would that be?

Storm: There's going to be a big change in how this country will be run.

Rio: I see. That's very interesting. So, how much would you like us to charge for the C4?

Storm: I'll negotiate that with the one in charge of these operations.

Rio: (Sighs) Very well. And speaking of which, we're here. The big boss; Pantera Negra.

Rio knocks on the door.

Voice: Who is it?

Rio: Es Rio. Zachary Storm wishes to speak with you, Pantera Negra.

Pantera: Let him in.

The door opens and the two men enter inside.

Pantera: Ahhhh…so we have two gringos in the neighborhood, eh? So, what brings you here?

Storm: Well, sir…I'd like to purchase some C4 from you. The occasion for it is…the assassination of the president of the United States…

Pantera stares silently at Storm.

Storm: So? What do you say, Pantera?

Pantera pulls a pistol on Storm.

Storm: Huh?!

Pantera: I’m so sorry, but I don't think so…

Before Pantera can fire, a shot can be heard, and Pantera collapses; and it is revealed that he was shot in the head. Behind him was another man, wearing a navy uniform, holding the gun that was used to kill Pantera. Rio comes in with his gun at the ready, but is also shot before he reacts. Storm cracks a slight smile.

Storm: You came later then discussed, but still…all according to plan. Now then…let's take what we need and get the hell out of here.

???: Agreed. Besides, I was sick of him bossing us around; but I like your scheme.

Storm: (Grins) Now you're speaking my language.


Road Rovers Base of Operations:

Shepherd: Rovers, Report!

The Road Rovers are seen racing through the halls in full gear. They arrive to the command center.

Steele: Yes, sir?

Shepherd: Road Rovers, we've got an emergency on our hands.

Butch: So spill it out already.

Daniel: Butch!

Krieger: Please continue.

Shepherd: As you know your first assignment is coming up. We have been getting reports of possible terrorist activity going on in the outer realms of the DC Metro area; specifically in Loudon County, Virginia. Reports of explosions have been coming in over the last several days.

Daniel: Explosions?

Krieger: It sounds like someone is experimenting. No one just does this over several days for fun, even risking legal trouble for it.

Steele: Unless it someone absolutely crazy and sadistic…

Shepherd: That could very well be the case, Steele. But all the same, you all know your assignment. Whoever is behind these bombings is a madman who must be stopped. Road Rovers, do you understand your mission?

Road Rovers: Yes, sir.

Shepherd: Do you realize you will face great danger?

Road Rovers: Yes, sir.

Shepherd: Do you realize the possibility that some of you may not return alive?

Road Rovers: Yes, sir.

Shepherd: Are you sure? Because…some of you may perish…

Krieger boldly steps up.

Krieger: Shepherd, we spent the last two years training to handle whatever comes our way. If anything; we will face danger with courage and pride. We will not fear death either, for we are natural born warriors dedicated to honor the cause. It is both who we are and what we do.

Steele steps up with Krieger.

Steele: It is our duty to protect the public and those who long for world peace. We would gladly risk our lives for them.

Shepherd: I do admire your courage and determination. However, since this is your first mission, I must warn you to proceed with caution. If you succeed in this mission, you will be rewarded for your services. Good luck, Road Rovers.

Krieger turns to the others.

Krieger: Let's move out, Road Rovers!

The others salute to Krieger and they proceed on their way.

3:33 PM.

Coast of Virginia.

Transport boats are seen making their way to the shore where a nearby warehouse is loading large quantities of C4.

???: We need to get this load up to the Potomaic Station outside of Arlington.

Storm: That won't be a problem, Pablo. My men will take care of that.

Pablo: Alright. Better not let me down.

Storm: Who said you were the head of operations? You work for me so if you want to find work elsewhere, I'm sure being in hell will be nice for you.

Pablo is silent for a moment from some fear and shock.

Pablo: Sorry…Sir…

Storm: That's what I thought. Now, what to do next…

Storm grabs his communicator and dials a phone number. He listens to it. It rings several times…and then finally, someone answers.

Voice: Yes sir?

Storm: Hello, Marvin. Are the ships ready for pick up?

Voice: Yes, sir.

Storm: Good. Have them here in the next hour.

Voice: Yes, sir.

Storm: Great. Storm out.

Storm ends the transmission.

Pablo: Looks like all is going to plan at this point, but we need to stay low.

Storm: I agree. Can't let the cops know we're here. We also need to make sure no pesky flies are spying on us.

Pablo: We should probably head out before anyone catches on.

Suddenly, the two men hear something.

Storm: Hmm?!

Storm looks over his shoulder to see a child hiding behind the boxes.

Kid: Uh oh…

Storm: Hey! How'd you get in here?!

Kid: Shoot!

The kid makes a run for it.

Storm: Don't let that meddling kid get away! After him!

Pablo and several others purse the kid through the facility.

Kid: Oh crap!

Henchman 1: (in Spanish) Stop right there!

Henchman 2: (in Spanish) Stop or we'll shoot!

The Kid freezes for a moment, but then is able to knock over some of the cargo boxes, cutting off the Henchman's path to him. They slip and hit the ground.

Henchman 1: Ahh! Conio!

Henchman 2: Aye! (Cursing in Spanish)

Storm: Close all the exits! Don't let him escape!

Henchman 3: On it!

The third henchman turns on a switch that closes all the doors and windows. The place is now swarming with guards. As the kid reaches for the exit, he is surrounded. The guards aim their rifles.

Henchmen: Stay where you are!

Henchman: Don't move!

Kid: (panicked sounds)

The boy stops. He then turns around and tries to run, but is then hit in the head by the end of another guard's rifle. He drops to the ground. As he comes to, he sees Storm standing over him.

Storm: Well, what have we here?

Storm crouches down to the child’s level.

Storm: (Tsk, tsk, tsk) Nosy kid. You shouldn't have stuck your nose where it doesn't belong.

Kid: I…I didn't mean…to…

Storm: I am sure you didn't, but still…that doesn't change the fact that you happened at the wrong place at the wrong time. You should have stayed at home studying for exams.

Kid: Please, sir…It won't happen again…

Storm: You're right…it won't, it most certainly won’t…and since you've become a security risk, I'm afraid I cannot allow you to live…

Kid: You mean…?

Storm: Yes… I'm afraid I have no other option.

Storm gets his gun and cocks it.

Storm: Sweet dreams, kid.

The kid closes his eyes as Storm aims his gun at him, but then suddenly…CRASH!!!

Storm: Huh?!

Pablo: Que?! (What?!)

Krieger: Stop right there!

They all turn to where the voice was coming from to see Krieger and the Road Rovers walking out of the cloud of smoke and debris. They stand heroically before the villains.

Pablo: ¿Qué demonios son esos? (What the hell are those?)

Storm: Who…Wha…What the hell are you?! Some kind of mutant freaks?!

Krieger pulls out his gun.

Krieger: Let the boy go…

Storm grabs the kid and holds him at gun point.

Storm: I don't know who you freaks are, why you are here or what you want; but no dogs and no one is going to stop me from carrying out my plans!

Krieger: This is your second and last warning, Storm…let the kid go, or so help me God I will put you down.

Storm: I think you're forgetting one thing; there's more than forty people in this building! You think you can take them all on by yourself?!

Krieger squeezes the trigger and shoots the gun out of Storm's hand.

Storm: GAHHH!!!!!!!

Daniel lassos the kid's waste and pulls him towards the group.

Daniel: Gotcha!

Steele: Daniel! Get the kid out of here!

Storm: Damn you! Open fire!

The henchmen all open fire on the Road Rovers, who all scatter around the room to avoid the gunfire. They hide behind the cargo boxes.

Krieger [Into a Walkie-Talkie]: Come in, Daniel!

Daniel picks while holding the kid, who is starting to cry, close by him.

Daniel [Walkie-Talkie]: Yes, Krieger!

Krieger: Protect the kid! Steele, Mikhail, and I are going after Storm!

Krieger shoots down five of Storm's henchmen. Steele rolls around the ground and shoots down several more of them.

Mikhail: Come on!

Mikhail proceeds to engage two of the gunmen. Mikhail is able to fire at their feet to make them flinch back before charging one of them. The other gunman tries to shoot Mikhail only for Mikhail to shield himself using the gunman he was in combat with. He then fires back at the assailant shooting him down before dropping the body and running for more cover as more gunshots ring out.

Butch: (Cracks knuckles) Now it’s my turn!

Several Gunmen surround Butch. Just as they are about to fire, Butch jumps high in the air, causing the gunmen to take each other out. Butch lands on a platform and elbows a gunman on the platform, which knocks his gun out of his hands and causing him to fall off. Butch begins to fire from above at all the remaining gunmen.

Mikhail: (Thumbs-up) Nice work, comrade.

Meanwhile, back with Krieger and Steele who were hot on Storm's trail.

Storm: Piss off already, you goddamn unnaturals!

Krieger: Halt!

Steele: Give yourself up!

Storm: (panting)

They chase Storm all through the facility, passing by countless obstacles like fences and barricades. In the midst of the chase, Storm knocks over some barrels which Krieger and Steele easily avoid by jumping over. As they chase him to the rooftops, Storm jumps over a large gap between two buildings which Krieger and Steele do just as easily.

Storm: Damn!

Finally, they have him cornered to a dead end. Krieger and Steele both point their guns.

Steele: There's nowhere to run now, Storm! Give yourself up!

Krieger: Its over!

Storm remains silent, but then he begins to chuckles softly; and then his chuckles become a loud cackle. Krieger and Steele blink twice, but never taking their eyes off him.

Storm: Oh, but that's where you're wrong! The game is FAR from over! And I've only just begun!

Krieger: Shut up! Put your hands on top of your head and surrender!

Storm: You'll have to catch me first…

Storm poses like a cross before dropping off the edge of the building.

Steele: Damn!

Krieger: You’re not getting away!

They race to the edge to see where Storm had fallen; and to their surprise, Storm was hanging on the ladder of a helicopter that was taking off.

Krieger: Damn it!

Storm: Hahahahahaha! Surprised?! Well so long, freaks! I'm off to make my dreams a reality!

Storm climbs up the ladder as the helicopter flies away into the sky.

Steele: Hurry! We must stop him!

Krieger: Agreed!

Krieger grabs his communicator.

Krieger: Krieger to all troops! Regroup! Daniel, prepare the Jet Rover! We're going in pursuit!

Daniel: I have it on standby! Report to the loading dock!

Krieger: Got it! Krieger out!

End transmission.

Steele: Krieger.

Krieger: What is it, Steele?

Steele points his finger towards the ledge, and they see a notebook Storm had dropped.

Krieger: What is this?

The book cover was slightly worn, a chocolate brown leather cover with the occasional exposure of the black hard cover, as well as cracks in the leather. It was held shut by what appeared to be a red band. There was no visible writing on either side to tell what it was for.

Krieger: I wonder what this could be…there's no title on this book.

Krieger opens the book. It reveals to be a messy document full of detailed plan of some sort. However, it was all written in Spanish, so Krieger could not understand.

Krieger: Hmmm…

Steele: What is it?

Krieger: It's all written in a foreign language. I can't understand a single word of it.

Steele: Here, let me have a look at it.

Krieger passes the book to Steele, who proceeds to read through it. Apparently, he understands the Spanish text.

Krieger: What does it say?

Steele: This seems to be some sort of plan involving some explosives…

Krieger: Explosives…wait…those crates in the warehouse…

Steele: He's clearly planning to use them…but for what?

Steele reads further into the book and discovers that Storm plans on car bombing the White House.

Krieger: Oh mein Gott! That sick bastard!

Steele: He plans to assassinate the President!

Krieger: We have to get moving, now!

Meanwhile, back with Storm.

Storm: (Exhales) I made it…

Pilot: That sure was a close shave, eh boss?

Storm: Quite…I just barely escaped a couple of…Dogs…

Pilot: P… Peros?

Storm: Yes, dogs…they didn't send the army; they didn't send the FBI or even the CIA! They sent mutant mutts after me!

Pilot: Are you on drugs or something, hombre?

Storm: No, you idiot!

Storm hits the pilot on the head.

Storm: I am NOT crazy! I know what I saw down there! Those things wiped out all my henchmen! If they can do that they must be professionals! I don't know who authorized them, but I'm not about to let a bunch of mutts get in the way of my ambition!

The pilot looks at Storm, still skeptical; but decides to just agree with Storm so he doesn't have to deal with one of his fits.

Pilot: Whatever you say, senor…

Storm: But all my men are dead. I'm going to need reinforcements.

Pilot: I already have some men on standby at the rendezvous point. We are less than a half hour away.

Storm: Good, now hurry!

We cut back to the Road Rovers, who are all onboard the Jet Rover with Daniel at the controls. And the boy form earlier is with them.

Daniel: Oy, lad; what were you doing back in the warehouse? And what did you see in there?

Kid: I saw a bunch of boxes. They were full of drugs and weapons.

Shogun: Anything else?

Kid: They were transporting loads of C4. They plan to ship it to Washington DC.

Krieger: You should know better than to wander into strange places all by yourself. You know what could have happened if we didn't arrive on time?

Kid: (Ashamed) I…I'm sorry, sir…

Daniel: Krieger, don't be too hard on the boy.

Krieger: Save it, Daniel. (Turns to the boy) What's your name, kid?

Kid: Max…Max Jones…

Krieger: I see. And do you have a mother and father, Max?

Max: No…my father was abusive and killed my mother in a fit of rage one night, and then tried to kill me. He failed, and got arrested. No one else wants to take me in, so I fend for myself.

Daniel: So you live in the streets?

Max: Yes, sir…

Daniel: (Sympathetic) Aww… you poor lad…

Krieger: All the same, you're a civilian; and you endangered your own life.

Shogun: What should we do with the shonen, Krieger-Soudaisho?

Max: Are you guys going to punish me?

Krieger: No. However you are to be in our custody for now until we figure out what to do with you.

Max: Thank you…

Krieger: But be aware, Max; beware that we will be entering the frontlines of Hell. Your safety is not guaranteed with us. Understand?

Butch: I say we ditch the kid. He'll just get in the way.

Steele: Butch!

Butch: He isn't our problem. He got himself into this mess. So let's just drop him off at like a school or something and get on with the mission.

Krieger: (stern) NO!

Everybody looks at Krieger, who continues.

Krieger: If Storm has connections with criminals all over the world, then Max's life is in danger no matter where we drop him off. Deserting him is strictly out of the question. They will do anything to destroy any evidence and cover their tracks. That includes murdering innocent civilians; and children are no exception. If they believe he holds vital information that would jeopardize their operation, then Max isn't safe.

Shogun: So what should we do, Krieger-Soudaisho?

Krieger: He'll have to remain in our custody for now. That's the only logical choice.

Steele: Well if we have to go head on into a terrorist plot, it wouldn't be the best idea to bring him along. One of us is going to have opt out and look after him while the others handle this mess.

Butch: Fine, I'll…

Krieger: Hell no… (Stands in front of Butch and pushes him slightly)

Daniel steps up.

Daniel: Krieger, sir?

Krieger: Yes, Daniel?

Daniel: If it's all the same, I think I should watch over the boy. With your kind permission of course…

Krieger thinks for a moment.

Steele: Well?

Krieger: It's been decided. Daniel, you will watch over Max. The rest of us will engage the enemy.

Daniel: (Salutes) Roger!

Krieger: Steele, do you have a fix on Storm's current whereabouts?

Steele: Not as of the moment, but it would be best to stick close to the Whitehouse.

Krieger: Agreed. That way when the enemy shows up, we'll catch them by surprise.

Steele: We will also have to let the president know in advance.

Krieger: Good thinking, Steele.

Butch: (Clears throat) In case you guys forgotten, we're dogs! How do you think the President is going to react when he sees 6 foot tall dog men in his presence?!

Krieger: You're right…

Steele: But what choice do we have?

Krieger: At this point, none…

Shogun: Hai…but the life of one of an important man is in danger; and we must protect him no matter the cost.

Butch: Well how the hell are we going to get even 100 yards from him with all his bodyguards?! We'll be shot on site!

Steele: We'll just have to improvise.

Butch: How?

2:36PM, Boston. Captain Storm has just arrived to a secret hideout.

Storm: I swear to god if they get in my way again…

Driver: Umm…sir, we're here…

Storm: About time…

They leave the limo, and enter into a secluded building which is apparently abandoned and poorly kept. They are greeted by several men in business suits and hats.

Man: Ah, we've been expecting you. Come this way.

The men escort Storm and his lackey down the halls and into a dark and secure room.

Lackey: It's dark in here…

Russian Voice: So sorry. Let me turn on the light.

Suddenly, the lights flash on, they meet with a Russian man with a thick gray beard and wearing a soviet symbol on his chest. He is accompanied by two of his henchmen on both sides of him.

Russian Man: Ahhhh…Zachary Storm. It is good pleasure to finally meeting with you. So, what brings you all the way here to Boston?

Captain: Cut the crap, Karamazov; you know exactly why I'm here.

Karamazov: (Nodding) Da, it seems you be having some bad luck in Virginia, no?

Captain: I was in the middle of a smuggling operation transporting explosives; but then my men found themselves completely annihilated…by a bunch of…Dogs…

Karamazov: Like guard dogs?

Captain: No. This is much worse. They are…bipedal…anthropomorphic mutants…they talk just like you and me; and they walk upright, just like you and me. I know it sounds crazy, but that's what I saw.

Karamazov smiles mockingly, and he and his men crack up laughing.

Karamazov: How many hours of sleep you have, comrade?! Surely you do not expect us to believe what you saw is real!

They continue laughing.

Storm: Oh yeah?

Storm pulls out a photo he took of Krieger and Steele just after he took off.

Karamazov: Eh?! What's this?!

Karamazov snatches the photo from Storm and analyzes it. He goes mad with insanity.

Karamazov: (Muttering words in Russian)

Storm: Well? Now do you believe me?

Karamazov: …

Storm: Do you or don’t you?!

Karamazov looks at Storm for a moment, and comments.

Karamazov: These must be big rats…

Storm: Yes… HUGE ones.

Karamazov: Are you sure these aren't some men in kink suits?

Storm: Yes, I'm sure! And no, I'm not going crazy! I'm speaking the truth!

Karamazov: (in Russian) Oh my lord...

Storm: Look, that's the least of our problems right now! Right now we have an assassination to prepare for! And since all the cargo and explosives were confiscated in Virginia, I need to know if you have any supplies in this old dump!

Karamazov: Well…you've come to the right place…

Karamazov snaps his fingers, and his men open the doors to reveal crates filled with explosives.

Storm: So…how much you asking for this?

Karamazov: All of this will be approximately…10,000 US dollars.

Lackey: 10,000 US dollars?! Are you kidding me?!

Storm: That sounds reasonable. It's not like that other guy who tried to charge us 25 times this.

Storm reaches into his suitcase and pulls out 10 bundles of $1,000, and passes it to Karamazov. He checks the dollars thoroughly to insure their authenticity and smiles.

Karamazov: Pleasure doing business with you, comrade. It’s all yours.

Storm: Hey, you're the only guy I can trust on this market. The pleasure was mine.

They shake hands.

Washington D.C. 3:34 PM. The President is seen sitting in his office chair. He is talking with a secretary.

Secretary: Your Excellency. The situation has gotten worse. It appears that more smugglings have broken out in several locations in the United States.

President: Hmmm…It's a lot worse than I thought. Have any of the areas been searched? And what is their cargo?

Secretary: There's been a report in Virginia about the smuggling. The cargo are packages of C4 explosives. Yet we don't know what the terrorists are planning.

President: I see.

Secretary: Yes. We suspect they're planning a wholescale massacre. There's more then that; reports say that the operation in Virginia was stopped. However, we don't know by who at this point. We have recovered the bodies of several henchmen in the coast of Virginia.

President: I see. I will have to contact the FBI to get some field agents to investigate. I have a feeling this is going to become something more as it's not natural for this kind of activity to be going on.

Secretary: Sir, I'll have a whole squadron of agents ready for investigation.

President: Also, make sure we can get some of the head of states out of the area discretely.

Secretary: Yes, sir.

The secretary leaves the room. The President rests on his chair in the office and sighs.

President: The chaos just never ends…

The President looks outside his window to see the sun shining bright, and the birds chirping in the trees.

President: (Thinking) Those birds sing so happily in a world that's ravaged by war and corruption. How I wish that the world would be a more peaceful place for them to sing their songs of peace and joy…

Suddenly, the phone rings. The President answers it.

President: This is the president of the United States. How may I help you?

???: Sir, we need to warn you…

President: What? Who is this? How did you reach this number?

???: We have connections. You'll just have to meet us to find out. We promise we don't mean harm sir…but are you aware of the explosions?

President: Well…yes, of course. My secretary just informed me that a smuggling in Virginia was stopped.

???: We know more about it. We know who the mastermind is. We are going to stop him. Before you leave though, we need to meet with you.

President: I understand, but who are you? Judging by your accent; you are not exactly American, are you? And just where do you want to meet with me?

???: My name is Krieger…it regards stopping this act of terrorism. Meet us at the Memorial area in ten minutes… But please hurry, time is of the essence.

Krieger hangs up.

President: Hello? Hello?

The President looks at the phone for a few seconds, and then he hangs up. Then he gets off his chair, and leaves the room. Two of the bodyguards are seen just outside the hallways. They spot him.

Body Guard: Mr. President, sir? What's going on? Where are you going?

President: Garret, Mick, prepare the limo. Assemble the guards. We're taking a trip to the Memorial area.

Body Guard 2: What for, sir?

President: A private meeting…

10 minutes later; 3:44 PM. Memorial Area.

The President's limo shows up. An assistant opens the door for the President and looks around cautiously.

Bodyguards: Allow us to accompany you there, Mr. President, sir. This could be risky.

The President steps out as the two bodyguards follow suit.

President: Let's go.

Just as they proceed, Krieger appears.

Krieger: Greetings…

President: What in the…?!

Bodyguard: Who are you?! Are you with the terrorists?!

Krieger: Nein. I am here to help.

Bodyguard: (Pulls out gun) You're lying! Sir, requesting permission to fire!

President: Denied. He is the same voice I heard on the phone; but I have to ask…why the odd costume? Also, judging by your accent and the word you used…are you German?

Krieger: I am indeed from that country. I also assure you, sir; what you see before you is real. This is not a costume; this is no mask, it’s my actual face and body.

President: (Shocked) Wait…what?!

Krieger: (Offers hand) Yes. If you don't believe me, shake my hand.

Bodyguard: Sir, you don't think…?

President: Let's see…

The President slowly takes Krieger's hand and they shake. He feels the fur on his hand.

President: My God…you really weren't joking…

Krieger: (Nods)

President: As much as I would like to know about how this is possible, we have more important matters to discuss. What do you know about terrorist smugglings?

Krieger: They are plotting an assassination.

President: Assassination? On who?

Krieger: Who else? Other than…you?

President: Me? But why me?

Krieger: Because you're one of the most important people in the world today. The terrorists want you dead so they can take your place as president of the United States, and chief commander of the American military.

President: Who is the one plotting all of this?

Krieger: According to his data files, his name is Zachary Storm…

President: Storm? Him?

Even the bodyguards’ faces lit up with recognition of the name.

Bodyguard 1: Storm? He’s back?

Bodyguard 2: I can’t believe it…

Krieger: Yes. You're familiar with him already? Tell me, what do you know about him?

President: The Supreme Court dealt with him a year ago. It was discovered he was being extremely abusive to his fellow soldiers as well as leading to corruption, and even he is thought to have ordered the murder of one of his commanding officers. A court martial was in place for him, but he disappeared before he was seized. We assumed he fled back to the United Kingdom were he came from. So most of the search efforts have been placed under the jurisdictions of the British Corps…

Krieger: Sir, Storm is indeed here in America. He's under your jurisdiction now; and as long as he's running loose, you and this entire country are at stake. We are a top secret Special Forces unit assigned to ensure your protection.

President: Who is your commander?

Krieger: Commander James Hawkins.

President: I do believe I once met him once before. He came to us for some important funding for some experiment we all found rather…unrealstic…but I guess he was actually able to do something never done before after all…given you standing before us.

Krieger: Well, we are the result of that experiment.

President: (Raises an eyebrow) We?

Steele, Shogun, Butch, Mikhail, and Daniel appear along with Max. The bodyguards freak out. They instinctually aim their guns.

President: Stop it, boys! Hold your fire! Stop! I said stop!

Krieger: Daniel, take Max. Get him out of here.

Daniel: Yes, sir. Come on, Max.

Daniel and Max leave the scene.

President: So what is the name of your group, Krieger?

Krieger: We'll answer all your questions in good time, sir; But please, we need you to come with us. Time is against us.

President: Very well. Let's get back to the Whitehouse.

Krieger: Nein. That's too dangerous. They'll be expecting you.

Bodyguard: Mr. President, sir; the limo is ready.

Steele: (Sniffs) Huh…?

Krieger: What is it, Steele?

Steele: The limo…EVERYBODY!!! HIT THE DIRT!!!!!

The Road Rovers all duck and cover, and Krieger tackles the President and shields him as the limo explodes. The explosion kills the driver and some of the guards in the process. All that remains of the vehicle is a smoking pile of rubble.

President: It…It blew up!

Krieger: Someone must have planted a bomb during our conversation…

Steele: I didn't see anything. It must have been done a while ago…

Krieger: This can only mean one thing…

Mikhail: Yeah. The terrorists are not far behind.

Suddenly, one of the bodyguards is shot in the chest. He drops dead. Then two other bodyguards are shot. They also drop dead.

President: (gasps)

Krieger: Watch out! There's a sniper nearby!

Suddenly a series of bullets shoot into the ground not far from them.

Steele: Run for it!

Krieger: Stay close to me, Herr Präsident!

Krieger shields the President with himself, and the Road Rovers make a run for it as a hail of bullets chases them down. They barely dodge them; but then the sound of a helicopter also can be heard. Not only were there snipers on the ground, but also in the air.

Mikhail: Bolshoi! They're coming at us from the sky and the ground!

Butch: Tell us something we don't know!

Krieger: We need to find cover! Now!

Steele: Alright! Let's split up!

Butch: Is that really such a good idea?!

Krieger: Shut up and just do it! I'll take the president! Steele, return fire!

Steele: Roger that!

Krieger takes the President to safety while Steele, Mikhail, Butch, and Shogun deal with the attacking helicopters.

Butch, Shogun, Mikhail, and Steele scatter around the area, causing the helicopter to pursue Steele. While hiding in a secluded area, Steele prepares his bazooka, and cocks it. He peeks his head out to see the helicopter in plain sight. It fires at him, but Steele manages to dodge its line of fire. Steele then exposes himself out into the open, and the helicopter fires a missile which Steele barely dodges. It explodes behind him.

Steele: Eat this!

Steele fires his bazooka, and takes out the helicopter. It crashes into the ground, and explodes. All that's left of the vehicle and its pilot is now a smoking pile of rubble. Meanwhile, back with Butch and Shogun, they were dealing with the snipers.

Butch: Can you make out how many snipers there are?

Shogun: Given how many angles we were shot at, I'd say 3.

Butch: Okay. We each take one then, but we also have to be careful in case the ones we deal with decide to go for one they aren't directly engaged with.

Shogun: Hai! Sodes!

Butch: Yeah, whatever.

Mikhail takes out a mirror and positions it just slightly out of their hiding place. The light reflects off the mirror; and just seconds later, it is shot out of Shogun's hand by a sniper.

Mikhail: DAH! He's hiding in trees!

A flash of light reflects off the sniper's scope.

Butch: I see him! Go for it!

Shogun: Hai!

Shogun charges towards the tree, dodging all the bullets being fired at him. His speed and reflexes where unlike anything ever seen before. He then draws his blade and slashes the tree, causing it to fall with the sniper in it. The sniper recovers and continues to fire, but Shogun is able to deflect the bullets with his blade.


Sniper: What the!?

Shogun closes in and now the sniper has ran out of ammo. But before he can react, Shogun slices at him, cutting off the barrel of his gun, as well as diagonally slicing across the sniper's chest and stomach, creating a massive gash.


Shogun: HISSATSU!!! (Killing Blow!)

The sniper's weapon falls apart; and then seconds later, the sniper's chest and stomach burst open, and blood blasts out of him. He drops to the ground dead.

Butch: Damn!

Shogun: Hmm?! Abunai! (Watch out!)

Shogun races to Butch, and as a sniper fires, the Akita deflects it off his sword.


Mikhail: I got him!

Mikhail shoves Shogun out of the way, aims his gun, and fires once, hitting the sniper in the eye through his scope. The sniper drops dead.

Mikhail: That just leaves one more…

Meanwhile, back with Krieger and the President…

Krieger: Are you okay, Herr Präsident?

President: Yes, but…I've never seen soldiers who could handle themselves quite this well. I guess you weren't joking when you said you're an elite group. I must say, for a dog you're quite impressive. Please don't take that the wrong way.

Krieger: Danke, but less talk right now. We're not out of the woods yet.

Suddenly, a bullet fires in their direction. It hits a wall just in between Krieger and the President.

Krieger: Keep your head down!

Krieger pushes the President's head down, and grabs his gun. He aims it and fires, blowing off the top left section of the Sniper's skull, causing him to fall back dead.

Krieger: That was too easy…warten…(sniffs in the air) someone else is here.

President: But who?

Suddenly, an assassin with a mask attacks Krieger. He slashes at him with an army knife. Krieger dodges every swipe he takes.


Krieger chops the man's arm, disarming him of his weapon. The attacker tries to punch Krieger, but he grabs his fist and body slams him. Then the man kicks Krieger off him, and springs to his feet. He assumes a fighting stance, and Krieger engages. They trade punches and kicks with each other, and the attacker manages to knock Krieger to a wall. The assassin then prepares his claws out of his gauntlet, and attacks. He barely manages to brush Krieger's face; but as he comes in for the kill, Krieger retaliates by grabbing the man's arm and he breaks it by sheer force.


Assassin: AGHHH!!!!!!!

Krieger then punches him in the gut and in the face several times, knocking him off his feet.

Krieger: Stand down!

The assassin tries to grab a nearby gun. But Krieger kicks the gun out of his hand, and places his other foot on his neck, choking him. Just then, the other Road Rovers appeared on the scene and circled around Krieger and the attacker.

Assassin: (chokes)

Krieger: Give me one good reason why I should let you live at this point!

Assassin: (chokes) Please! I…I…I'm just doing my job!

Krieger presses his boot down harder.

Krieger: Your job!?

Krieger grabs the man by his neck, and removes his mask. He then forcefully pins him against the wall, causing him discomfort.

Krieger: You're going to talk right now, you piece of scheisse. Where is your boss?! Where's Zachary Storm?!

Assassin: I…I…I don't know!

Krieger: Well then, I guess I'll just have to kill you.

Assassin: Wait! Wait! I'll tell you! Please, just don't kill me!

Krieger: Well then SPEAK!!!

Assassin: Look…I didn't even want to do this in the first place…Storm forced me too…he threatened the safety of my newborn and wife…

Steele: Shut up! Save your lies for the judge!

Assassin: I'm not lying…here, look…

The assassin turns his head to reveal a silver locket had fallen out of his pocket.

Krieger: Steele, grab it…

Steele grabs the locket, and looks into it. He sees the man with his wife and newborn son.

Steele: Hmm…He could be telling the truth after all.

Krieger: (Stern) What's your name?

Assassin: Hanover… Hanover Watson…

Krieger: If what you say is true, you may be let off easy. Now, I'm gonna ask you one more time; where is Captain Storm.

Hanover: He's at the Washington Monunment. He has several vehicles loaded with C4 lined around the central roadways…

Steele: Was?! What does he plan to do with it?!

Hanover: He has really gone all out to ensure the death of the President. The subway and airport are also rigged...

Butch: Ah shit…what do we do now?

Krieger: Are any of the aircraft rigged that you guys used?

Mikhail: I believe I have the answer.

Krieger: Oh?

Mikhail: Da. What about those? (Points to planes)

Krieger: But are they rigged to explode?

Steele: There's only one way to find out…

Steele looks at Hanover.

Hanover: What?

Steele: Is this plane rigged?

Hanover: No.

Krieger: (Slightly distrusting) Are you sure?

Butch: I say we use him as bate just to be safe.

Krieger: Good idea.

Krieger pushes Hanover into the vehicle to have him examine it.

Hanover: Nothing here…OW…(Clings to arm)

Steele: What's wrong?

Krieger: Oh…I broke his arm.

Shogun: I will attend to him.

Butch: So what now, Krieger?

Krieger: I will have to have one of you escort the bodyguard back so a warning can be issued in the area about these bombs, just in case Storm decides on making them go off if he gets bored of waiting…

Steele: We have to be quick about it too.

Mikhail: What about the President, comrade?

Krieger: Two of us need to stand by him.

Steele places one hand on Krieger's shoulder.

Steele: I'll stand by your side, Krieger.

Krieger: Mikhail and Butch, you escort the surviving bodyguards.

Mikhail: (Does thumbs up) Roger, comrade.

Butch: Make sure you guard him with your life!

Krieger: Let's move out, Rovers! Schnell!

Everyone goes on their respective objectives, meanwhile with Storm…

Storm: Damn! Those blasted mutts are quite a formidable force! But no matter…I still have the upper hand…

Lackey 1: How so, Storm?

Storm: I'll have not only the Whitehouse, but the entire city shall be rigged with bombs! We'll have ourselves a great big fireworks show!

Lackey 1: That's insane!

Storm: And what's wrong with being insane? Sometimes in life you have to DO insane things in order to make a point! And I'm going to make an example of this city! And I'll be rid of those mongrels and the President in one fell swoop! Or should I say…in one glorious…big bang?

Lackey 2: Yeah!

Lackey 1: So when do we start, boss? Like, right now?

Storm: No! In a thousand years! Of course now! Now get going! I want the president dead and I want him dead now!

Lackey 2: Yeah! Get it straight, dumbass!

Storm: Make sure you cover every square inch of this city! Washington DC shall become one big graveyard by the time we are done!

Lackeys: Right! Consider it done, sir!

Meanwhile with Daniel and Max, touring the Air and Space museum.

Daniel: Quite a magnificent sight; isn't it, lad?

Max: Sure is. Haven't been here since I was 6…

Daniel: You don't say?

Max: Yeah. My dad used to work here.

Daniel: I see. So that must mean that you have some good memories of him, right?

Max: He wasn't really nice at it. He got fired for screaming at a kid for crying; but he did let me do whatever I want. He also sometimes snuck me things from the gift shop.

Daniel: I see. So your old man was kind of a shady bloke, eh?

Max: Yep. He even got into coke, if you know what I mean…

Daniel: Oohhh…touchy subject, lad. (Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk) A father like that should be ashamed of subjecting an innocent lad like you to that kind of life. So what became of him if you don't mind me asking?

Max freezes for a moment.

Daniel: Uh oh…must have pushed the wrong button…

Max looks up at the ceiling to look at all the planes and spacecraft. His eyes tear up.

Daniel: Max…?

Max: He killed the rest of my family…it was late at night…

Max goes into a flashback to that dreadful night.

The date, August 17th, 1980…

Max: It was late at night. I was outside on the patio. My parents, arguing as normal…I was only 5 years old…

Father: You're late…as always…

Mother: Honey, please! I don't need this right now!

Father: Well what the hell are you doing this time of night?! I work my butt off ten hours a day, I come home starving, and where are you?! Screwing around with other men!

Mother: They're clients! Nothing more! Jesus, why do you always jump to conclusions like that?!

Father: Well then why did I find that "test" in the bathroom trash?!

Mother: (Shocked) What?!

Father: Bitch, don't play dumb with me! You know what I'm talking about!

Mother: No! No! You've got it all wrong! Honestly I…!

The father slaps the mother with such force she falls back.

Mother: (Cries) AGH!!!

Max takes notice from outside and rushes inside to check on her.

Mother: (Crying) Oh please, don't…

Max: Mommy!

Max races to his mother's side.

Max: Mommy! Why is daddy hitting you?! What is happening, Mommy?!

Mother: No, son! Get back! Stay away!

Father: Piss off, Maxwell! Go to your room now!

Max: No dad! Don't hurt my mommy! Please!

Father: I said GET OUT OF HERE!!!

The father slaps Max in the face and knocks him back. Then the man proceeds to attack his wife.

Mother: STOP!!!

The father proceeds to strangle the mother. Their shadows cover a terrified Max.

Max: Mommy!

The father grabs a knife from the counter.

Father: I will teach you some respect!

Max: No! Stop!

The father stabs into the mother off-screen, and the blood splatters on the walls and on Max's face.


The flashback ends.

Max: After he went crazy and killed the rest of my family, he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

A dead silence comes between them. Daniel could relate being as a puppy his father also killed his mother and other siblings.

Max: (cries and whimpers on Daniel's chest)

Daniel embraces Max. Patting his back.

Daniel: Awe... There, there, little fella. You're not the only one with a sad story. Why, I had me own share of craziness back in my youth…

Max: Really…?

Daniel: That's right, lad. Come to think of it, I've had a similar experience.

Max: You did?

Daniel: Yes, I did… But that's in the past now…

Max: Well, why don't you tell me about your past, Daniel?

Daniel: Of course. But let's get some lunch. I'll discuss it over that.

Max: Okay, but… Where to?

Daniel: This place has a cafeteria near the entrance.

Suddenly, Daniel's communicator went off.

Max: What's that?

Daniel answers his communicator.

Daniel: This is Pilot to Chief. Over?

Max: What's happening?

Krieger: Chief to Pilot. What's your condition?

Daniel: Pilot to Chief, in the Air In Space with VIP.

Krieger: Heads up, Pilot. We suspect that the whole city is rigged with bombs.

Daniel: Wait, WHAT?!

Max: What's wrong, Daniel?

Krieger: Pilot, protect the kid. But you got to move now. Rendezvous with us at the park. On the double!

Daniel: Chief, but what about the VIP I have?

Krieger: Take him with you! And protect him at all costs!

Daniel: I copy, chief.

Krieger: Good. Chief out.

End transmission.

Daniel: Okay, Max. We gotta get moving.

Max: What’s wrong?

Daniel: Don’t ask questions, lad. Just come with me. We gotta move. Now.

Epilogue: It seems the Road Rovers are now in a tight situation. Not only must they protect the President from Captain Storm, but they must now save an entire city from being engulfed in flames and smoke. Thousands of lives are at stake. And time is against our heroes. Will they be able to protect the President and save an entire city at the same time? See part 2 to find out.

To be continued…
Road Rovers: EP02 The First Mission (Part 1)
So here it finally is, ladies and gentlemen. Episode 2 of me and Adam's fictional Road Rovers reboot. As to be expected, this story picks up directly after the first episode. And as the title suggests, this is only "Part 1". But rest assured, "Part 2" is currently in the works. And also, this fanfic is made in loving memory of Joseph Campenalla, the voice of William Shepherd who has recently passed on. May his memory live on in the hearts of his family and the fans. Having said that, I hope you enjoy part 1 of this second episode. 

Road Rovers and all of its characters belong to Tom Ruegger and Warner Bros.
Krieger, Steele, Shogun, and Butch are co-creations of mine and of :icontallglassoftallglass:, who I owe a lot to for helping me with this fanfic. 
Edited by :iconfail-seeker:

Previous: Road Rovers: EP01 The Beginning
1. Tyler Armstrong is a young werewolf of the Tsume Clan, who are age old rivals to the Kiba Clan. He was invented back in 2005, roughly 2 years after the creation of Casey Nelson. In the Casey series, Tyler is Casey’s rival. And he was intended specifically for this purpose. When I first created Tyler, I originally intended him to be pure evil. But as time went on, I felt that he should have a good side to him as well. And this was suggested to me by :icondcaldwell101:. So I made him neutral instead. Like the dhampir Derek Tepes, Tyler has a good side and an evil side.

2. I had several inspirations for Tyler. His personality was obviously inspired by school bullies and street thugs for their cocky and arrogant attitude. Some of my inspirations include Mick from Teen Wolf (who was Scott Howard’s rival despite not being a werewolf), Todd Ianuzzi from Beavis and Butthead (yes, for as much as I hate this asshole, he has been an inspiration too), and Dab, who was Todd Howard’s bully in an episode of the Teen Wolf cartoon. And I have even derived influences from Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z and Iori Yagami from King of Fighters for their antagonistic, hot-tempered, and egotistical personalities. In terms of his design, Tyler’s design was inspired by the red canomutants from Road Rovers, except he wears an indigo sort of hue which is essentially a blackish blue color. And his attire is more punkish to reflect the style of school bullies and street thugs of the 1980s and 1990s. Like Casey, Tyler wears a vest and speedo, and spiked wrist-bands, which come with a red belt with a skull buckle, and a pair of boots for footwear. His collar has beads on it, and on his jacket, is the capital “T” for his name, and on the back is the kanji for “Claw” (爪) to represent his clan, the Tsume Clan. When I first designed Tyler, he had purple fur and blonde hair, and he was barefooted. But I decided to change his hair to red, his fur became a more magenta hue, and I gave him boots to make his outfit more complete. Another possible inspiration for Tyler is Fang from Gargoyles, who has a similar personality.  

3. Another inspiration for Tyler is Dark Talbain, who appeared exclusively in Dark Stalkers 3 as an evil doppelganger of Jon Talbain. Like Tyler, the Talbain doppelganger had magenta fur. And this became one of my primary inspirations for him. Like Casey, Tyler is moderately built. But in contrast to how Casey’s hairstyle was inspired by Keith from Voltron and Ryo Sanada from Ronin Warriors, Tyler’s hair is red and spiky, and was likely inspired by Joe Higashi from Fatal Fury. Tyler also has yellow eyes with red pupils.  

4. Tyler’s last name “Armstrong” comes from BJ Armstrong, the former professional basketball player. While his first name “Tyler”, while a common American name nowadays, is British in origin, and it means “One who makes or lays tiles”. However, I always thought that the name Tyler sounded imposing because it sounds similar to the word “Tyrant”. So I guess we could also call him “Tyler the Tyrant”. Essentially, while the meaning of the name is fundamentally different, I just like the sound of the name. So I went with it.

5. As a werewolf, Tyler is very strong, fast, and agile. However, while he is powerful, his speed doesn’t compare to that of Casey, who is faster in comparison. So basically, while Casey’s specialty is speed, Tyler’s specialty is brute strength.

6. Tyler has many of the same abilities as Casey. But he has his own fighting style, consisting of brutal hand to hand techniques and maneuvers, hard punches and kicks, devastating claw slashes, and the alike. Tyler can also do a flaming uppercut (like Ken from Street Fighter), a fire dash (inspired by Flame Stag from Megaman X2), and power surges and kicks. He too can do the rapid punches and kicks (seen from anime), and can also do a summersault kick (inspired by Guile). But one of his most powerful moves is the "Meteor Strike" in which he comes crashing down on the opponent and lands a devastating blow with his fist of his foot, leaving a large crater on the ground upon impact. Tyler is a powerful and formidable fighter. And his abilities are equal to Casey’s. Meaning that they are both equally strong. Tyler however, is not above using dirty strategy to win fights. And sometimes he may do things like tossing sand into his opponent’s eyes or even bite his opponents if they get him in headlocks.

7. Like Casey, Tyler was born and raised in San Francisco, making him a Californian werewolf.

8. Tyler’s father is Gabriel Armstrong, who in the past was good friends with Alex Nelson, Casey’s father. But things between Alex and Gabriel became heated and bitter as the two had completely different beliefs.

9. Tyler is extremely cocky and arrogant, believing himself to be far superior to all warriors on the planet in terms of physical strength. And due to his immense strength, endurance and stamina, Tyler often belittles and picks on people weaker than himself. He may call people names like “punk”, “douche-bag”, “loser”, “wussy”, “weakling”, “wimp”, “pussy”, “dork”, “dumb-ass”, “cunt”, and even “bitch”. He is also no stranger to sarcasm, and may use sarcasm to mock others. Tyler also has a short and violent temper, and is easily angered. And if anybody gets on his nerves or pisses him off, he gets violent. Part of the reason for Tyler’s attitude is because he never had a true family. His step parents despised him, and they never really showed him any real love. And part of it is because he is descended from the Tsume clan of werewolves, who are brutal and violent by nature. So part of it is not really his fault. But more often than not, Tyler’s massive ego and arrogance proves to be his own undoing.

10. In the early half of the series, Tyler was Casey’s bully in school, and would often intimidate him with death threats and physical abuse. And more often than not, Tyler would terrorize Casey and make his life miserable by talking down to him, calling him names, and even making remarks about his mother (despite never meeting her). He even goes as far as to steal Casey’s lunch and even his lunch money. And to reward him, Tyler would throw Casey and his bags into a trashcan or a dumpster. He even went as far as to vandalize Casey’s locker with graffiti, Often writing profane words on the door. He also used to trip him in the cafeteria. Despite this however, Casey wasn’t bitter towards Tyler. But rather, he was afraid of him, and would do whatever he could to avoid him. But on the night when Casey transformed into werewolf form, he struck a blow to Tyler’s ego by grabbing him by his throat, and tossing him across the room. This along with the fact that he stole Sheryl from him made Tyler so bitter and angry, that he wanted revenge. But luckily for Tyler, it didn’t take long to realize that he two is a werewolf. But since his transformation, he decided that he didn’t need his gang (who were all human), seeing them as useless and incompetent since he has far greater strength than they do. And since then, Tyler has been a solo werewolf. Fueled by his hatred for Casey, Tyler became obsessed with the desire to defeat the Kiba werewolf in a one on one battle to the death. This is akin to Megaman and Bass’ rivalry, as the latter is obsessed with the desire to kill Megaman to satisfy his superiority complex. So I guess its safe to say that Megaman and Bass are also a source of inspiration for the two werewolves.

11. Tyler was originally Sheryl’s boyfriend in the past. But she was more interested in Casey. So there’s sort of a love triangle between these three characters. Similar to the love triangles between Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee, and Marian from Double Dragon, and between Hunter, Blitz, and Colleen from Road Rovers. And if you want to go further back, it’s even comparable to the love triangle between Rodimus Prime, Springer, and Arcee from the original Transformers cartoon.

12. Tyler, despite being extremely cocky and arrogant, hates it when someone calls him out in his attitude as Tyler is actually sensitive about how he is viewed by others. This stems from the rules of his clan. Because his demeanor is the result of the harsh treatment from his packmates going up, so he had to become tough. But in reality he just wanted peace because while he had the qualities of his clan, Tyler was actually a coward when he was younger, and his father and packmates treated him harshly. This resulted in Tyler eventually caving power from pressure and anger. So in reality, while Tyler is a jerk on the outside, he is kind of traumatized.

13. Tyler is a huge fan of heavy metal music. And some of his favorite bands are Korn, Metallica, Mega Deth, KMFDM, Black Sabbath, Silverchair, and 3 Doors Down. But he dislikes Pop music. And he especially dislikes jazz and country music. One of Tyler’s favorite songs is Ultra by KMFDM, which was used for the English dub of “Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie”. Particularly the scene where Chun-Li fights Vega at the hotel. Another favorite song of his is “Freak on a Leash” by Korn.

14. Like Casey, Tyler is also talented with the electric guitar. But unlike Casey who likes to play smoothly, Tyler prefers to play hard hitting electric guitar solos akin to what is heard in most death metal songs.  

15. Although Tyler is initially in love with Sheryl (mostly out of lust and hormones), his true love interest is Laura the Lioness, a warrior and princess of the lion people of Kenya. It takes a while for Tyler to open up to her. But he comes around eventually, and the two become a couple. Due to Laura’s high sense of discipline and maturity, she often gets on top of Tyler much like a mother figure, and is not afraid to discipline him if he gets out of line. Laura is very strict with Tyler, and won’t hesitate to punish him for misbehaving. But she also tries to stimulate him in the right direction.  

16. Tyler likes meat. And he doesn’t care if its cooked or raw. As long as its meat, he’ll eat it. But he also likes broccoli, mashed potatoes, burgers, and pizza. And to balance things out, Tyler also enjoys vegetables like spinach, cabbage, and Caesar salads.

17. One of Tyler’s hobbies is playing video games. He also likes to skateboard and surf. But he doesn’t like yo-yos as he believes they are “little kids’ toys”. He also likes to ride motorcycles, and is into sports like soccer and basketball. In fact, these are the two things he escalates the most in besides fighting. But even so, Tyler likes to train and exercise to keep in shape and to improve himself.

18. Unlike Casey, Tyler won’t allow just anybody to pet him. One has to gain his trust and his permission first. Tyler is very picky about who gets to pet him, and is usually vocal and physical about it.

19. Tyler hates his father Gabriel with a burning passion. Mainly because Gabriel was never a true father to Tyler, viewing him as weak and incompetent. Tyler holds a personal grudge against Gabriel for making his life miserable and for treating him like he was nothing but garbage. Tyler doesn't have any good memories about his father at all, and it makes him sick just thinking about him.

20. Despite being evil to begin with, Tyler later has a change of heart, and softens up towards Casey. And they develop sort of a brotherly sort of relation.

21. Like Casey, Tyler doesn’t always have to wear the same outfit. He can change his outfit depending on the circumstances. When he was in human guise, he wore jeans, shoes, and a black jacket with a red shirt underneath. But as human, he kept his hair short. Like Casey, Tyler may wear a tuxedo with a necktie, and he may wear casual wear to blend in with humans.

22. Tyler is also known as the “Crimson Moon” (真紅月 Shinku Tsuki). But he can also go by “Big Bad Wolf”.

23. Tyler doesn’t like being compared to his father Gabriel, and will snap at whoever brings it up. Due to his intense hatred of his father, Tyler wishes to have nothing to do with him whatsoever.

24. Tyler often thinks of himself as a “ladies man”. But he’s not always successful in winning the girls’ affection. And of course this does not please Laura one bit, who is quick to correct him. Admittedly, even Blitz from Road Rovers served as an inspiration for Tyler for this aspect.

25. Besides being good in hand to hand and using ki to power up his attacks, Tyler is also good with melee weapons. He may use axes, maces, and swords. But like Casey, he prefers to use his supernatural powers. And since Tyler is usually aggressive and hot-headed, he often uses brute force, and fights with the ferocity of a hungry wolfpack.

26. In time, Tyler sees Casey as the brother he never had. And he also sees Alex as the father he never had. And when he opens up to Laura, he confesses his true feelings to her. But he still retains his cocky and egotistical attitude. Tyler may be a jerk on the outside. But once you get to know him, he's really not such a bad guy deep down.

27. I always imagined Tyler sounding young but punkish. Though I'm not sure which actor would be best suited for him. But I always imagined him sounding similar to Biff from Back to the Future, or even like Dab from the Teen Wolf episode "Howlin' Cousins". But I guess some possible candidates for Tyler include Scott McNeil, Derek Stephen Prince (who voiced Ichiro from Kikaider), or even Jeremy Shada, who voiced Lance from Voltron: Legendary Defender.  
Tyler Armstrong Facts
And now, here's the facts sheet for Tyler Armstrong. Enjoy.

The credit goes to me, and to :icondcaldwell101: and :icontallglassoftallglass: for some of the ideas and suggestions they offered me. 

Tyler Armstrong belongs to MDTartist83. 


MDTartist83's Profile Picture
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United States

I am a man who lives for art, storytelling, and entertainment. Since my childhood, I've been greatly fascinated by fantasy and make believe, and I've been a fan of many different media franchises, be they popular or obscure. And I have dreams of one day making an impact on pop culture through the things I do. I like to entertain people with stories and ideas, and I explore a variety of different ideas, be they original or from existing franchises. And I also do reviews of various pop-culture media ranging from TV series, video games, movies, and the alike. And I like to share my memories and knowledge with others. I'm also quite keen on Japanese culture. Especially with anime, which has been one of my biggest inspirations for engaging in art since my early childhood years, up to the present day.

Rules That I Live By:

1. Love your friends and family equally, no matter how they treat you.
2. Focus on the things you can do, and what you're capable of.
3. Life is as good as it gets.
4. You only live once in this life, so make the best of it while you can.
5. Nothing is guaranteed in this life except death.
6. Everybody and everything has potential to be something they're not.
7. Respect is given to people who deserve it. But not everybody deserves it.
8. Never resort to physical violence unless you absolutely have to.
9. Don't trust anybody unless you're sure you can trust them.
10. There's a difference between living in the past, and learning from it.
11. The future is never certain. But somethings are foreseeable.
12. The less you expect, the less disappointed you will be at an outcome.
13. It doesn't matter how old something is. It's what you do with it that counts.
14. Always be prepared for the worst. And expect the unexpected.
15. Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.
16. Everybody has to dedicate themselves to something.
17. Life is a journey, live it well.
18. Value your history, but always move forward.
19. If you disrespect others, expect to be disrespected back.
20. We never really know what to expect in this life.
21. Some people make an effort to open up and make friends with you, and some people mean you harm. And there are people who are simply neutral, and want nothing to do with you.
22. Our good deeds inspire others to greatness. And our evil deeds serve as a warning to all.
23. We all have our fixations and obsessions. And that's nothing to be ashamed of.

WARNING: If you troll or spam my page with petty insults just for your own personal enjoyment, I will block you without hesitation, and you can go bother someone else. I'm normally a reasonable and tolerant person. But trollish behavior will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. You've been warned.
Today I have finally worked out the issue I had with Photoshop. Earlier today I discussed it with my art instructor, and he said that the best way I can get a hold of it nowadays is not through a physical copy, but as a downloadable item off the internet. Because digital is the way to go these days I suppose. But there is a catch. As I paid for this application, I had to sign in with my current e-mail and a new password (which I instantly wrote down so I don't forget it later), so that way I can have access to any of Adobe's software. But since Photoshop is all I need for the moment, I'm just going to go with that for now. But even so, I may consider experimenting with the other programs later. But just not now. But the good news is I once again have access to Photoshop. And this is one of the newest versions of it, titled Photoshop CS. So now I'm back in business, ladies and gentlemen. After a month long delay, I finally have the means to make wonderful works of art that I hope will shock, amaze, and blow you away. After all, that's what I'm here for; to entertain my friends and watchers. And all that's left to do now is to install the drawing tablet, and I'll be all set. Of course, I still have no scanner. And its probably going to be a while until I can get a new one to replace the old one. So for now, all I can do is take pictures with my camera. But still, praise the lord for I have finally resolved this issue. At least now I am satisfied for the time being. 
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