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Title: Dinosaucers: Return of Sabertooth
Based on animated TV series by DIC Entertainment.
Written by MDTartist83 and Dcaldwell101.
Date: 10/6/2015

Our story takes place four years after the events of “Sabertooth or Consequences”, where the Dinosaucers and the Tyranos were forced to join forces to fight against a common foe. This foe, was none other than the Sabertooths, a gang of space pirates who were said to have invaded Reptilon ages ago. And generations later, they somehow made their way to Earth. Consisting of only the greedy, malicious, power hungry Captain Sabertooth and his lackey Smilin’ Don, they had technology far more advanced than that of the Dinosaucers or the Tyranos. Even with their combined forces, the Dinos and Tyranos were still no match for the Sabertooth Pirates. That is until Sarah Spencer discovered their weakness; catnip. Once exposed to it, the Sabertooths succumbed to its effects, and were successfully subdued. And the Dinosaucers and Tyranos were victorious. Four years have past, and Captain Sabertooth was never seen or heard from again. For he and Smilin’ Don were both sentenced to life in prison on planet Reptilon for their crimes. But Sabertooth has other plans.

We open up to the Reptilon prison, where Sabertooth and Smilin’ Don are seen having lunch together at the cafeteria. The brontosaurus chef feeds them their beef, beans, and mashed potatoes, and they take their tables. Sabertooth and Smilin’ Don are both wearing prison uniforms along with the other prisoners. Smilin’ Don eats his food. But Sabertooth doesn’t touch his food. Instead, he just stares down into it with one paw against his cheek. Smilin’ Don notices this.

Smilin’ Don: Uhhh… Captain? Why aren’t you eating your food?

Sabertooth doesn’t answer.

Smilin’ Don: Captain? Captain! I don’t mean to be rude but… Your food is gonna get cold if you don’t eat it.

Smilin’ Don places one hand on Sabertooth’s shoulder, and Sabertooth glares at Smilin’ Don, who submissively flinches. He then grabs his hand, and throws it away. Getting off his seat, he stares at Smilin’ Don right in the eyes. And he answers in his deep sinister Pirate voice.

Sabertooth: How DARE you lay your filthy hands on me, Smilin’ Don! Did I give you permission to touch me?! Well?! DID I?!

Smilin’ Don: C…C… Calm down, Captain! I was just saying…

Sabertooth: SHUT UP! Nobody tells me what to do! Not even you! And I don’t have to eat this garbage because I’m not hungry! It tastes like crap anyway!

Sabertooth grabs his tray and throws it on the ground. The prisoners see the guards coming into the cafeteria, and lower their heads with their hands on top. The Dinosaur Guards come in with shields and nightsticks, and subdue Sabertooth by beating him senseless. In the next scene, Sabertooth and Smilin’ Don are back in their cells. Smilin Don’ was doing his best to cheer up his master, who was bruised, beaten, and had a black eye, stitches, and a bandage over his right cheek.

Smilin’ Don: Awe… Poor Captain… Did they hurt you badly?

Sabertooth: What does it look like, you idiot? Of course they beat me up.

Smilin’ Don lays a hand on Sabertooth’s sore arm.

Sabertooth: OW!

Sabertooth angrily grabs Smilin’ Don, and snarls at him.

Smilin’ Don: Please, Captain! Calm down! I was just trying to cheer you up! That’s all!

Sabertooth: Well…

Sabertooth punches Smilin’ Don.


Smilin’ Don hits the wall.

Sabertooth: And for the last time, DON’T TOUCH ME! You understand?! I’m physically and mentally sore. And I don’t need you making my pain worse than it already is! And also, when I want you to cheer me up, I’ll ask for it! Is that clear?!

Smilin’ Don: … R… Right, Captain… (rubs cheek)

Dino Guard: Hey, keep it quiet in there! Unless you want to be placed in solitary confinement!

Sabertooth quiets down.

Dino Guard: That's what I thought! Lights out time! And goodnight!

Sabertooth turns off his lights. And as soon as the guard leaves, Sabertooth sits down on his bed, and places his hands on both cheeks. He then flashbacks four years into the past, when he was defeated by Sarah Spencer. The flashback takes us back to when Sabertooth and Smilin’ Don were raiding the United States. Sabertooth stops the taxi cab, and enters the car.

Sabertooth: ARRRG! Take us to where we can find more plunder, matey! And be snappy about it!

Taxi Driver: Uhh… Whatever you say, sir!

We then skip to where they make their stop in the park.

Sabertooth: Stop right here, matey! Your services are no longer needed!

The taxi stops in the park, and Sabertooth and Smilin Don come out.

Sabertooth: Well I’ll be damned! Look at this place!

Smilin’ Don: It looks like home!

Sabertooth: Indeed it does, matey! Ahh yes… Reptilon… I remember the days when me father, me grandfather, and me great grandfather, and me great-great grandfather, raided Reptilon ages ago… Ahh… Those were the days, Smilin’ Don… Well anyway, back to business. We’ll make our stand against those devious Dinosaucers, and treacherous Tyranos!

Smilin’ Don: Right, Captain!

Sabertooth: Of course I’m right!

Sabertooth pulls Smilin’ Don’s whisters.

Sabertooth: When they show their ugly faces here, I’ll be sure to make them beg for mercy and squeal like the weaklings they are, before I send them to the depths of hell! Ya har har har!

We then cut to when the Dinosaucers and Tyranos confronted Sabertooth for the last time. Sabertooth is seen, snarling angrily as he is all too eager to rid himself of his enemies.

Allo’s Voice: Sabertooth!

Sabertooth: Hmm?!

Allo: This is your last chance! Surrender now, and we’ll be lenient with you!

Sabertooth: Fat chance, matey!

Sabertooth frantically fires his fossilizer ray at the Dinos and Tyranos, which they successfully dodge. But they are then forced into submission despite their great numbers.

Rex: On the other hand, we can always surrender the Earth to you!

Allo looks at Rex angrily.

Rex: It was just a thought…

Allo face palms.

Sabertooth: Yah har har har! It’s been nice knowing ya, mateys! But I’m done playing games with ya! It’s time to turn you all into stone fossils! Say your prayers, reptiles!

Ankylo: (crying) I… I… I don’t want to say goodbye!

Rex: There, there, Ankylo. (hits him on the head)

Ankylo: OW! Thanks Rex! I needed that! (snorts)

Suddenly, before Sabertooth could do anything more, he and Smilin’ Don hear a voice.

Sarah: Oh no you don’t!

Sabertooth: ARRRGH! Who are you?

Sarah: I’m just one of the local mammals. And I’ve got the weapon that will stop you!

Sabertooth: (laughing) Ahh hah hah hah hah hah! A human? Stop me? Don’t make me laugh! What’s your so-called secret weapon, lass?!

Sarah: THIS!

Sarah throws a bag full of catnip at Sabertooth and Smilin’ Don. And they are covered in a brown cloud. Once the cloud settles, they start to act funny. They start giggling.

Smilin’ Don: (giggles)

Sabertooth: ARRRG! Wha… What’s going on!?

Smilin’ Don drops to the ground, and starts rolling around. While Sabertooth races straight for a tree.

Sabertooth: Yah har... I think I’ll climb a tree…

Smilin’ Don: I think I’ll roll around and purr…

Rex: Mammal! All of Reptilon has been trying for YEARS to slow those creatures down! What did you do?

Sarah: Here. A gift to planet Reptilon from planet Earth.

Allo: Catnip? 20 pounds?

Sarah: Yeah. Anytime they give you trouble, you get some of this on them. They’ll turn into ding-bats for hours.

Sabertooth falls from a branch and lands on his back. After that, the flashback ends. Back to the present day, Sabertooth wakes up from his flashback.

Sabertooth: Never have I been so humiliated my entire life. And to think that a great pirate captain like myself, defeated by a small human… How embarrassing… Well… Just you wait, human. Because very soon, Captain Sabertooth will be coming to get you and your Dinosaucer friends. And next time you won’t stand a chance against me. Not even catnip will be enough to save you from my wrath. And them Tryranos will be joining you.

Smilin’ Don: But Captain… We can’t leave prison… We’ve been given a life sentence…

Sabertooth: Oh hoh hoh hoh. I know that, my goofy idiot moron of a sidekick. I know that. But you forget, Captain Sabertooth be cunning and intelligent. And I do not intend to spend the rest of my life behind bars. Very soon we be getting out of here. And I know just how to do it.

Smilin’ Don: But how?

Sabertooth: (grinning) Oh, you’ll see... Trust me, you’ll see… Captain Sabertooth always be having ways... (cleans hands)

Meanwhile, back on Earth, in the Dinosaucer’s base called “Lava Dome”, we see Sarah and Bonehead engaging in a game of chess.

Bonehead: So this is one of your Earth games, Sarah?

Sarah: That’s right. This is called “chess”.

Bonehead: Wow! Sounds interesting! So how does it work?

Sarah: Chess is a checker board game with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Each player begins the game with 16 pieces; a king, queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piece types moves differently. And the point of the game is to capture all of the opposing chess pieces to win the game.

Bonehead: Oh… So you mean… I have to catch all your pieces to win?

Sarah: Exactly.

Bonehead swipes all of Sarah’s pieces to his side.

Bonehead: I win!

Sarah face palms.

Sarah: No, Bonehead, no. That’s not how you play chess. Here’ I’ll show you how it’s done.

And so, Sarah teaches Bonehead how to play the game. 15 minutes later, the game was over, and Sarah is the winner.

Sarah: Well, looks like I won!

Bonehead: This is a hard game…

Sarah: Oh that’s okay, it becomes easier once you know how to play it.

Bonehead: Can we play something different now?

Sarah: Umm… Sure. What would you like to do next?

Bonehead: Can we watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Sarah: I’m not sure if I have that. Hang on… Let me see what I got.

Sarah looks through her DVD collection, and comes across a classic.

Sarah: Here’s a few choices. (shows him Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, and The Fox and the Hound).

Bonehead: Hmmm… Tough choice…

Sarah: It’s okay. Take your time.

Bonehead: Hmmm… I choose… Sleeping Beauty!

Sarah: Good choice.

And so they watch the DVD together, with a large bowl of popcorn for them both. While watching the movie, Sarah grabs herself a handful, and Bonehead scoops up all the popcorn in one hand, and devours it all. Sarah looks into the bowl to see that it’s all empty.

Sarah: (face palm) Why do I get the feeling this has happened before?

Bonehead: Oops… Sorry…

Sarah: It’s okay. Next time I need to get a whole truckload.

Meanwhile, with David and Ryan, they were out fishing with Ichy somewhere outside the base.

Ryan: The fish are really jumping today, huh, David?

David: Yeah. Oh wait… I think I got one!

David feels a tug on his fishing rod, and tries to reel it in.

David: Whoa! This one is vicious! Hey!

David looses his grip on the dock, and is dragged in by the fish. He splashes into the water. Ryan and Ichy both laugh. David emerges from the water, blowing some of it out of his mouth.

David: Hah hah! Very funny!

Ichy: That was some splash, David!

David: Why do I get the feeling this has happened before?

Ryan: Must have been a long time ago, David. I believe it’s been what? Four years?

Ichy: Four years? Wow, time sure does fly.

David: Ummm…  Guys… Would you mind helping me out here?

Ichy: Sure! Hang on, David!

Ichy dives into the water, and swims towards David. He puts one arm around him, and swims with him back to the dock. In the next scene, David is covered in a blanket, with his feet in warm water from a hot spring, and a thermometer in his mouth.

David: ACHOO!

Ryan: Bless you.

Ichy: You okay?

David: Yeah… (sniff) But I think I’m gonna catch a cold tonight.

Ryan: What was that thing that dragged Ryan into the lake?

Ichy: I don’t know. But I’m about to find out.

Ichy dives into the water again, and goes in search of the fish. As he swims his way through the lake, he comes across a gigantic catfish. The catfish tries to swim away. But Ichy catches it with his hands, and manages to subdue it. He then swims back up to surface to show the boys his catch.

Ichy: Here’s the monster fish that got the best of you, David.

Ichy drops the fish down to the ground next to Ryan’s feet.

Ryan: A catfish? You were trying to catch that?

David: I... I... I had no idea it was that big!

Ichy: Well you do now.

Ryan: Well guys, looks like we got ourselves a whopper.

David: Yeah.... ACHOO!

We then cut back to the Tar Pit, the base of the Tyranos. Genghis Rex is sitting in his throne, bored out of his mind, and gazing off into space. Having been defeated by the Dinosaucers time and time again, Rex grew impatient, bitter, and frustrated.

Rex: (sigh) Again and again those wretched Dinosaucers have defeated me. I'm surrounded by incompetent morons.

Rex slams his fist against his seat. Suddenly, the automatic door opens to reveal Ankylo, Rex's loyal assistant.

Ankylo: Umm... Rex? Are you okay? You seem kind of... Upset...

Rex: (sarcastic) No, Ankylo, I'm not upset! I'm happy! (snapping) OF COURSE I'M UPSET YOU IDIOTOP!!!

Ankylo jumps off his feet and hits his head on the floor.

Ankylo: Ouch... (rubs head)

Rex: Why do you disturb me in the middle of my frustration?!

Ankylo: Well... You see, Rex... I just came in here to tell you that Plesio has come up with a plan to defeat the Dinosaucers once and for all!

Rex: That's what I hear all the time! Words are worthless to me! If his so-called plan is so great, prove it!

Ankylo: Please, Rex... Give Plesio's idea a chance...

Plesio comes into the room.

Genghis Rex: (groans) Fine. What is your plan this time, Plesio?

Plesio: Well... You'd be surprised to hear this. But... Quackpot and I have developed a potion that is sure to do the trick.

Rex: So? What does it do exactly? Does it turn Dinosaurs into humans or fossils?

Plesio: No, neither of those.

Rex: What then?

Plesio: Perhaps its best to show you than tell you. We're gonna need a test sub- I mean volunteer.

Genghis Rex: Ankylo, go get Terrible Dactyl!

Ankylo: Sure, Bossisaur.

Ankylo goes to get Terrible Dactyl. All while Rex waits impatiently. But Plesio waits patiently. Finally, a few minutes later, Ankylo returns with Terrible Dactyl.

Ankylo: Here he is.

Terrible: What is the meaning of this?

Quackpot: We need your help to test out our latest toy.

Terrible: Latest toy? What on Reptilon do you mean?

Quackpot: (chuckles) I'll show you what I mean...

Terrible: Huh? Wha?

Quackpot sprays Terrible Dactyl, and covers him in a green cloud.

Terrible: (coughs) Hey! What gives? What is this stuff?

Plesio: (places hands on hips, and smiles) You'll see...

Terrible: Huh?

Seconds later, Terrible Dactyl's body swells up to the size of a giant balloon, and he hovers several yards off the ground.

Terrible: OH DEAR!

Quackpot: (laughs)

Terrible: What are you laughing at, laughing boy?! This isn't funny!

Quackpot: Oh yes it is! (laughs)

Quackpot lands on his back while laughing.

Rex: What good is this going to do against the Dinosaucers?!

Plesio: Simple, in this state, they'll be helpless to stop us.

Rex: Hmmm... Now that I think of it... I think I'll consider it.

Plesio: Thank you, Rex.

Rex: Now, each of you arm yourselves with spray guns! We're going out hunting!

Tyrannos: Yes, Your Scaliness!

Meanwhile, back on Reptilon, Sabertooth and Smilin' Don were sleeping together in their cell. Smilin' Don was at the top bunk, while Sabertooth was at the bottom. Sabertooth wakes up at around 2:30am to the sound of someone's voice.

Voice: Say, aren't you, the infamous Captain Sabertooth?

Sabertooth: That depends. Who wants to know?

Voice: I'm one of your biggest fans.

Sabertooth: Oh? And just who the hell are you?

Voice: Why of course. How rude of me. My name is Molar. I'm a sabertooth cat as well.

Sabertooth: So, I take it you're new here? So what are you in for?

Molar: Stealing, vandalism, destruction of property, and robbing banks all over the planet. And you?

Sabertooth: Raided a planet called Earth and tried to kill the Dinosaucers and the Tyrannos.

Molar: Dinosaucers? Tyranos? Never heard of them.

Sabertooth: I’m not surprised. Well, I came so close to winning. And then... Oh nevermind.

Molar: What?

Sabertooth: I said nevermind! It's none of your business!

Molar: Touchy, touchy.

Sabertooth: Humph...

Molar: Well let me tell you something Captain. I overheard your plans to escape. But if you want out, you and I gotta work together. Because take it from me, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Sabertooth: And just how can you help me?

I changed 5:30 to 2:30am.

Molar: Trust me, mac. Me and the boys have been planning our escape for the past six years. And a couple of my friends are going to going to bale us out very soon. You'll see.

Sabertooth: And just how soon are we talking about? Because I hold a personal grudge against the Dinosaucers and Tyranos for defeating me. And I do NOT intend to spend the rest of my life here in this nut house!

Molar: Will you keep your voice down, Mr. Grouchy Cat?

Sabertooth: (lowers voice) Okay, fine. Just how soon are we talking about?

Molar: I'm talking VERY soon. Like in about a couple of hours from now.

Sabertooth: What time is it now?

Molar: Right now... It's about 2:36 in the morning. My pals should be arriving in about 8 hours from now. And they will get us the hell out of here.

Sabertooth: Good. Because I've waited four years for my revenge. And today's the day I'm gonna have it.

Molar: Well just be patient, Captain. You'll get your chance soon enough. But for now, I suggest we get some sleep.

Sabertooth: Don't order me around. I'll go to sleep because I want to!

Molar: Suit yourself, Mr. Macho Cat.

Molar goes to sleep in his cell. Sabertooth yawns.

Sabertooth: I am rather sleepy.

Sabertooth rests his head on his pillow, and pulls the blanket over his body. Several hours later, at around 10:30am, Sabertooth meets Molar in person. To his complete surprise, Molar was a little shorter and more slender than the Captain. He had orange fur, red hair, green eyes, and a scar over his right eye.

Molar: Well, it’s a pleasure to finally meet the legendary Captain Sabertooth in person. How do you do?

Sabertooth: I'm ready to get out now. Where is your two pals you mentioned last night?

Molar: Oh don't you worry. They will be here soon. I know it.

Sabertooth: Well they better get here soon.

In the cafeteria, Sabertooth is having breakfast with Smilin' Don and Molar.

Sabertooth: So, you used to be in a gang?

Molar: That's right. And my gang is called the "Steel Fangs"

Sabertooth: Humph... Very creative name... Well, as soon as we get out of here, I'll be in charge. And some changes will be made.

Molar: Like what?

Sabertooth: I'll tell you soon enough, matey.

Smilin' Don: Captain? Aren't you gonna eat?

Sabertooth: Shut up, fool!

Molar: Uh oh... I can feel it coming... In five, four, three, two, one.

Suddenly, an explosion occurs somewhere in the prison building. The alarm goes off, and the guards rush to the scene.

Guard: Put out the fire! Put out the fire!

The guards use fire extinguishers to put out the fire. But they are soon assaulted by twoSabertooth cats. One of them is a female, the other is a hulking giant. The female sabertooth knocks out a guard with a chop to his neck. And the large one takes them out with the mere blow of his fists. Once they were finished with the guards, the female and the hulk stand over the beaten up guards with a sense of confidence.

Female Sabertooth: (chuckles) Such lousy security. Come, Bruno.

Bruno: Yes, Sheena.

Sheena and Bruno make their way into the cafeteria where Sabertooth, Smilin' Don and Molar where at. They bust open the door.

Sheena: Come on boys! It's time we made our exit!

Molar: Right on time.

Sabertooth: These are your friends?

Molar: Come on, Captain! We're busting out of here!

Molar, Sabertooth, and Smilin' Don accompany Sheena and Bruno, while the rest of the prisoners escape from prison. The Sabertooth cats escape in a massive spaceship that is gold in color, and resembles an upgraded version of Captain Sabertooth's previous ship. Only it was much more advanced. After making their escape, Sabertooth is then introduced to the group.

Sabertooth: So then, Molar... Care to introduce me to your friends here?

Molar: Certainly, Captain. This lovely she-cat is Sheena, and this walking mountain of muscle is Bruno.

Sheena: Pleased to meet you, Captain.

Sabertooth: Wow... You sure look beautiful... And sexy I might add...

Sabertooth takes Sheena's hand. But then she quickly withdraws it.

Sheena: Oh please. Keep your hormones to yourself...

Sabertooth: Feisty, aren't you?

Sheena: You gotta be feisty if you want to survive, buster.

Molar: Oh, and by the way, we've been saving these for you.

Molar gives Sabertooth and Smilin' Don two boxes. Sabertooth opens his box to find his old attire. His orange armor, brown gloves and boots, black speedo, belt, spiked shoulder guards, cape, and yellow headband where all inside.

Sabertooth: Ahh... It's me old outfit from the old days... (hugs armor) Oh how I missed you...

Molar: A bit nostalgic, aren't we?

Smilin' Don: Hey! It's my old outfit! Thank you guys! We really appreciate it!

Sheena: Yeah, yeah. Go get dressed already.

[Sabertooth and Smilin' Don put their clothes on]

Sabertooth: Ah, even after four years in the slammer I can still fit this.

Molar: I’ll say, you really kept your figure.

Sabertooth: Well I always work out to keep me body looking beautiful and sexy, matey.

Sabertooth makes several dramatic and suggestive poses, flexing his muscular body in front of everybody in all his vain glory. And as he makes one last macho pose with his hands on his hips, he then smiles, showing his pearly white teeth and fangs.

Sheena: Pfft. Show off.

Molar: But you gotta hand it to him. He sure has a nice body.

Sabertooth: Alright, mateys. Now that we've busted out of prison, I'll be in charge from now on. And some changes will be made around here. From now on, you all belong to me. Together we're the Sabertooth Pirates! We take what we want, we plunder the loot, and we never say please! All the booty and riches from the galaxy shall be all ours, and anyone who dares to oppose us will be walking the plank! Any questions?

Bruno: Yeah, where should we start first?

Sabertooth: Oh... Right... (clears voice) Set a course for Earth! I have an old score to settle with some reptiles. Molar, you know what to do.

Molar: Sure thing.

Molar and Sheena take the controls to the ship, and together, the Sabertooths descend into the vacuum of space. Meanwhile, Sabertooth takes his seat on a throne like chair.

Sabertooth: Hmmm... It's nice to be the leader of a major team... This could suit well to my advantage.

Smilin' Don: Is there anything I can do for you, Captain Sabertooth?

Sabertooth looks at Smilin' Don.

Sabertooth: Sure; you can polish my boots! And polish them well or I'll make you lick them clean!

Smilin' Don: Y-yes Captain.

[As Don starts polishing the Captain's boots, Sheena, Bruno, and Molar just looked feeling sorry for Don]

Bruno: Poor fella.

Sheena: Is this guy always such a jerk to his lackey?

Molar: Yeah. He tries so hard to please Sabertooth, but it just pisses him off even more.

Sheena: What a jackass. And just now he tried to hit on me. The creep.

Bruno: Who wouldn't? You're pretty.

Sheena: Shut up, Bruno.

Bruno: Sheesh...

Molar: Can it, you two. We'd better focus on the task at hand. We don't want to upset the Captain, now do we?

Sheesh: I guess not. But I think we should have left him in prison.

Molar: Shhh! Quiet, Sheena!

Sabertooth: ARRG! I heard that! That's strike one for talking behind my back! Now shut your yap and do your job! Or your punishment will be severe, mateys!

Molar: Sure thing, Captain. Anything you say.

And so they continue their journey to Earth. Meanwhile, back on Earth, at around 3:30pm, the Secret Scouts have just endured another day in high-school.

David: That bastard! Why didn't he tell us there was going to be a pop quiz?!

Paul: Well that's the point to a pop quiz, David! To surprise you!

Ryan: Besides, you need to focus on studying more anyway. This is our last year of high-school.

David: Awe crap...

Sarah: Tell you what, David. You and I can study for the exams together. How's that sound?

David: You know, Sarah? I much appreciate that.

Suddenly, Ryan's cell-phone starts ringing.

Ryan: (answers it) Hello?

Allo's Voice: This is Allo. We need you and the others to report to Lava Dome immediately.

Ryan: We're on our way, Allo.

[He hangs up]

Paul: Who was that, Ryan?

Ryan: It was Allo. He wants us to report to the Lava Dome.

Sara: It must be important.

Ryan: Well then, we've got no time to lose.

The Secret Scouts hurry back to Lava Dome. And Allo reports to them the shocking news. Inside the base of Lava Dome, the Dinosaucers are all seen present, sitting in the round table, waiting for their human allies to arrive.

Bronto-Thunder: Are you certain the news you heard was correct, Allo?

Allo: I'm most certain, Bronto-Thunder. Somehow I knew that it was only a matter of time until this would happen.

Ichy: I can't believe it. Now we've got the Tyranos and the Saberooths to deal with.

Allo: I don't think so, Ichy. In case you've forgotten, the Sabertooths were a major threat to both the Dinosaucers and Tyranos in the past. And four years ago, we had to team up to fight them. There was only two of them. But they were a force to reckon due to their weapons and technology. If anything, the Tyranos will have no choice but to join forces with us. Even if we still have our petty differences.

Ichy: I sure hope you're right. Because somehow I get the feeling this is going to be one heck of a challenge.

Suddenly, the automatic doors open to reveal the Secret Scouts.

Ryan: We got here as soon as we could, Allo. What's the urgency?

Allo: Ryan, I'm afraid I have some shocking news... I just received a distress call from the Reptilon Government that there's been a jailbreak, and numerous prisoners have escaped. And among those prisoners was Captain Sabertooth.

To this, the Secret Scouts all gasped in shock.

Sarah: But... We defeated him four years ago!

Allo: Well I hate to say this, Sarah. But he's back. And from what I heard, he's coming back to Earth. Possibly to exact his revenge for his earlier defeat.

David: That cat can hold a grudge.

Allo: Indeed... And we're going to need all the help we can get on this case. I'll have to contact the Tyranos... Again...

Allo walks over to the computer, and contacts Genghis Rex.

Genghis Rex: What do you want, Allo? I'm busy.

Allo: Well I'm sorry to disturb you, Rex. But I've got some bad news for you; Sabertooth is back. And from what I hear he's back with a vengeance.

Rex: Him again? I thought we were rid of him for good!

Allo: We all did, Rex. But now the time has come for us to join forces once again to defeat this foe.

Rex: (growls and face palms) Do we HAVE to?!

Allo: Yes! We have to! We don't have any other choice!

Rex: (sighs) Fine! A temporary partnership it is! But remember, this doesn't change ANYTHING between us! We're still enemies and we always will be! You got that?

Allo: I know that, you don't got to keep reminding me. And while you’re at it, work on that temper.

Rex: That's my business, Allo. Over and out.

Rex ends transmission.

Teryx: Genghis Rex you're such a dick...

Sarah: I know. He hasn't changed at all after all this time.

Allo: That's the least of our problems, Sarah. We all need to be on the alert. And ready to act at a moment's notice. Dinosaucers, the time has come to save planet Earth from the threat of the Sabertooths.

Bronto-Thunder: I'm with you on this.

Bonehead: You can count on me, Uncle Allo.

Ichy: All the way to the bitter end.

Dimetro: Same here.

Stego: Don't forget me.

Teryx: We'll do this together.

Ryan: And don't forget, you have us on your side as well.

Allo: Good. Now, let's move out everybody!

The Dinosaucers and the Secret Scouts assemble. Meanwhile, back with the Sabertooths, they have just arrived to Earth.

Molar: So this is planet Earth... What a magnificent sight...

Sheena: I'll say. This is my first time coming here. But it sure does look ripe.

Sabertooth: That's right, mateys. And on this planet be there lots of gold and jewels for us to snatch. Though when I first came here I had no knowledge on this puny planet. But now that I know where to look, and thanks to this brilliant new technology, I know just where to find the gold. Yah har har har...

Molar: So where do we start first, oh Great Captain Sabertooth?

Sabertooth: We'll start with the state of California me followers! There we shall find lots of precious treasures!

Sheena: Aye-aye Captain!

Captain Sabertooth along with his new allies proceed to invade planet Earth with newer, more advanced technology and deadlier weapons at their disposal. Together, the Sabertooth pirates plunder the Earth in their search for treasure. However, Sabertooth has something else on his mind besides treasure. And his next plan of action is to wreak havoc upon Earth's population to get the Dinosaucers and the Tyranos out from hiding. So that he can have the vengeance he has craved for four long years. Will Sabertooth be successful in his quest for personal revenge? Or will the Dinosaucers and the Tyranos figure out a way to stop him and his new henchmen? Find out next time in part 2 of "Return of Sabertooth."
Dinosaucers: Return of Sabertooth
Okay, here's the first chapter of my very first Dinosaucers fanfiction story. Now, never in a million years did I EVER expect to do a Dinosaucers fanfiction. But here it is. And this one is set after the events of episode 57; "Sabertooth or Consequences". Hope you enjoy. I especially want to give credit to :icondcaldwell101: for helping me with this story.

Dinosaucers and all its characters are the property of DIC Entertainment.
Molar, Sheena, and Bruno belong to MDTartist83.


Artist | Varied
United States

I am a man who lives for art, storytelling, and entertainment. Since my childhood, I've been greatly fascinated by fantasy and make believe, and I've been a fan of many different media franchises, be they popular or obscure. And I have dreams of one day making an impact on pop culture through the things I do. I like to entertain people with stories and ideas, and I explore a variety of different ideas, be they original or from existing franchises. And I also do reviews of various pop-culture media ranging from TV series, video games, movies, and the alike. And I like to share my memories and knowledge with others. I'm also quite keen on Japanese culture. Especially with anime, which has been one of my biggest inspirations for engaging in art since my early childhood years, up to the present day.

Rules That I Live By:

1. Love your friends and family equally, no matter how they treat you.
2. Focus on the things you can do, and what you're capable of.
3. Life is as good as it gets.
4. You only live once in this life, so make the best of it while you can.
5. Nothing is guaranteed in this life except death.
6. Everybody and everything has potential to be something they're not.
7. Respect is given to people who deserve it. But not everybody deserves it.
8. Never resort to physical violence unless you absolutely have to.
9. Don't trust anybody unless you're sure you can trust them.
10. There's a difference between living in the past, and learning from it.
11. The future is never certain. But somethings are foreseeable.
12. The less you expect, the less disappointed you will be at an outcome.
13. It doesn't matter how old something is. It's what you do with it that counts.
14. Always be prepared for the worst. And expect the unexpected.
15. Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.
16. Everybody has to dedicate themselves to something.
17. Life is a journey, live it well.
18. Value your history, but always move forward.

WARNING: If you troll or spam my page with petty insults just for your own personal enjoyment, I will block you without hesitation, and you can go bother someone else. I'm normally a reasonable and tolerant person. But trollish behavior will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. You've been warned.
  • Listening to: Moonlight Sonata
In this life we experience ups and downs. But some people have it easier than others. And some people have it harder than others. In my case, I've had some times of happiness, but mostly moments of sheer frustration, hopelessness, and misery. But there is one thing that I haven't bothered to ask myself until now; the kinds of people I run into. Now, I'm sure everybody has this sort of experience in their life. Because everybody has friends and enemies. For some people, friends come and go. And for others, friends can stay with you for life depending on how deep your bond is with them. And of course, we also run into enemies. The kinds of people who we would much rather forget about and not remember, but they somehow find their way back into our subconsciousness to haunt us again. While I try to remember the friends that I met in my life, there are also a lot of bad memories that I have as well about the people who've made my life a living hell. But one of the things that tends to recur from time to time is that I often meet friends who then turn on me. And believe me, that has happened to me a lot in the past. In the earlier years of my life, it often happened in school. But looking back on those days now, I can see where I went wrong. Because as a child, I was pretty spoiled and bratty. And I often let my immaturity get the best of me. And I guess I can see why those past friends of mine have turned on me. And it seems I'm experiencing that very same thing even now. As I said in one of my previous entries, we all have our kinks and our fetishes. But I guess even those things are what drives others away. But then there are people who I met who are simply indifferent of me, and don't care for my existence. Now, those kinds of people I can respect more or less. Because while they're not your enemies, they are not your friends either. They don't hate you, but they don't like you either. They just don't care. Sometimes I wonder if it was my fault for my past friends' decision to turn on me and forget that I even existed. And sometimes I wonder if it was an entirely conscious and personal decision that they made on their own, and completely by themselves. My guess is it's probably a bit of both. But even so, I somehow manage to carry on despite of all the shit I go through. I remember back in 2005, I met someone who was totally indifferent of me, and just didn't care. His name was Dennis.

This happened around the mid to late summer of that year when I was attending an art class. And well I met this one person who seemed half way decent at first. But my opinion about him changed pretty quickly. In the first few days of class, we seemed to get along rather well because we had some of the same interests and likes and dislikes. And for a time, it seemed we had a stable relation. But I guess it was because of my pessimism or some of the things that I said that gave him a negative perspective of me. And that's where everything went down hill for us. The first thing I noticed about Dennis is that he was a bit of a smart ass. And when I expressed certain problems that I had, he would automatically point fingers at me and accuse me of wrong doing. And sometimes when I tried to pick up a conversation with him, he would shun me by just absolutely ignoring me, and refusing to acknowledge my presence. Even when I was talking straight to him, he would refuse to pay attention. Until one day, it really got out of hand, and when I pointed out to him that he was ignoring me, he decided to be smart with me, and said "It's not their fault they're not listening to you." To this I responded "What do you mean its not their fault? Of course it's their fault! I mean you always have a choice as to whether or not you want to pay attention when someone is talking to you!" He then had the idea that I was blaming everybody in the class, when I was only talking to him. And from there, we engaged in an argument with each other. I kept telling him "Listen man, I don't want to fight with you!" to which he replied "Then don't!" and I responded "Well don't tempt me! Because I will defend myself if I have to!" And the sad thing is we were arguing in the middle of class. And when the teacher overheard our bickering, she shouted "This is disruptive! People are trying to work here!" I heeded the teacher's words, and I tried to keep quiet. But Dennis, being the complete jerkass he was, refused to heed the teacher's words, and continued on, criticizing me saying "Here you are, complaining about..." But before he could say anything more, I got off my desk and shouted "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" And for this, we both got in trouble for being disruptive. For the rest of the semester, we both did the right thing; we ignored each other, and we stayed out of each other's way, for our relation wasn't going anywhere. And after that, I never saw him again. Not that'd I'd want to see him again after the bitter aftertaste he left in my mouth and bad memories to boot.

When I look back on this memory, I think to myself, was it my fault that our relation went bad? Or was it his fault? From how I see it, I think we were both to blame. I should have known better than to speak to him about my problems given how indifferent he was of me. But he should have kept his mouth shut. Because to be fair, we both pretty much got on each other's nerves. And I think we could have had a better understanding of one another if we had tried hard enough. But alas, our friendship was not to be. But then again, Dennis was never really my friend to begin with. And considering how far he came in not caring about the issues that I had at the time, I guess... Why start now? After all, he never apologized for the things he said. And I never apologized to him. So we were even. But the thing is I've moved on since then. But it is from this experience I learned that in this world, there are people who will make an effort to be your friends, and there are some people who mean you harm. And, there are some people who simply want nothing to do with you. It's sad. But that's just the way it is.



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